Top 5 Social Flirting Networks

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When you just have to get your flirt on, heading online is fastest way to get your needs met. You can search for and contact millions of hotties 24-7. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter give some opportunities to flirt, but nothing compares to a site set up exclusively for flirting. Check out these top flirtastic sites and work on your skills. If you mess up online, you can always delete your account and start over—something everyone wishes he could do once in a while in real life.

5 Flirtomatic

With more than 5 million people using Flirtomatic in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Spain, Germany, Italy and Australia, you’re sure to find a couple of attractive people to chat with. Check out the pictures of millions of potential matches and rate them. You can see who has rated you too. Do your flirting the right way and get listed as members’ favorite flirt. Enjoy the site’s Hottie of the Week, and if you’re really good you may even get picked. Talk about bragging rights.

4 Flirtic

Flirtic offers many of the same features as other sites, including the ability to look for attractive photos of people nearby, quickly passing through the ones with good personalities, but Flirtic also has fun quizzes and games that go hand-in-hand with the options to flirt. Discuss your flirt tactics and describe your ideal date. You may find yourself hitting it off with a local and testing your skills off screen.

3 FlirtON

FlirtON is a free flirting site that won’t let you pay them even if you want to. After a quick setup, you can find thousands of people nearby and enjoy unlimited chatting. You can integrate FlirtON with your Facebook account and other social networks to enhance your flirting experience. If you are open to longer relationships, you may find that too on this site.

2 Casual Flirt

For flirt fans in the U.K., Casual Flirt is a sophisticated, easy-to-use site for people interested in no strings attached situations. You won’t have to worry about anyone trying to lock you down on Casual Flirt. Upload a photo and profile free, and get ready for flirty fun. Like most flirting sites, you can select your gender and choose males or females to flirt with, making it easy for straight and gay members to use.

1 Badoo

Join the nearly 185 million people who have used Badoo to find flirt-worthy people too scroll through pictures of people in your area or around the world, and rate them as people you would, wouldn’t or might want to meet. Start chatting with the ones who catch your eye. You can swap stories and photos, maybe set up a real date if you want. Download the Badoo app to take your flirting on the go.

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