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Top 5 Showerheads That Make Bathing Enjoyable Again

Having the right showerhead can be the key to happiness for some people. The wrong one can lead to a light trickle of water not powerful enough to dry your hair, and an old one can cause you to waste water every time you turn on the faucet. If you want to conserve more water, give your bathroom a new look, or get a true spa feel in the comfort of your own home, take a look at these five showerheads. Each includes multiple convenience features and stunning looks, making them all fantastic upgrades for your bathroom.

1.) Moen Two-Function Rain Shower Showerhead

Customize your shower experience with this Moen two-function showerhead. The rain shower option offers a calming, gentle spray for rinsing and relaxing, while the pressurized spray is just the thing to get you awake and invigorated in the mornings. With its low-profile design, this showerhead blends in beautifully with your existing design theme, and the sturdy metal construction delivers years of reliable use. For a convenient way to give your shower a quick makeover, this is the cream of the crop when it comes to showerheads.

2.) Delta H2) Kinetic 5-Setting, 2-in-1 Showerhead

Delta has a long tradition of creating innovative bath accessories, and this H20 Kinetic handheld showerhead is no exception. The sleek, ultra-modern design brings a spa-like look to your bathroom, while the self-cleaning spray holes make caring for this model effortless. A detachable metal hose allows you to choose between the handheld option and a fixed setup. Use the pause setting to conserve water as you apply deep conditioning or shampoo treatments, and rejuvenate each morning with the powerful water pressure that comes from this showerhead.

3.) Wantba Rainfall Massage Showerhead

For a more traditional showerhead look plus the water pressure you crave, opt for the Wantba 6-inch rainfall showerhead. The smaller design makes this option ideal for use in stand-up showers. A removable flow regulator lets you control the pressure and flow of water, while the simple installation makes this showerhead easy to install. Choose this model if your shower currently has low water pressure, as it does an excellent job of delivering consistent, strong water flow for a more relaxing shower experience.

4.) KES Handheld Showerhead

This KES handheld showerhead offers a sleek, modern look and a compact size, giving you a handsome way to outfit a small bathroom. Designed to create a massage-like feel, this model delivers high pressure for a wonderful way to relax at the end of a long day. An included bracket lets you store this showerhead anywhere on your shower wall, and the universal compatibility means you can attach it to your existing shower hose. A handheld showerhead come in handy for bathing little ones, grooming pets, or simply making your shower experience a little more luxurious.

5.) ESNBIA Rainfall Showerhead

Enjoy the feeling of being outside in the rain when you add the ESNBIA rainfall showerhead to your bathroom. The 12-inch width lets you enjoy a generous stream of water for a spa-like feel, while the 90 high pressure nozzles maintain the right level of pressure for a soothing shower. Because this showerhead is designed to save water, you can rest easy every time you turn on the water. It installs overhead, so you will need to make sure that your shower area and plumbing setup can accommodate the unique design.

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