Top 5 Selling PSP Games in 2012

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The PlayStation Portable has been available since 2005 and is still one of the most easily accessible portable gaming devices. It’s produced some standout titles since its inception, and has entertained gamers on those long journeys and holidays for almost 10 years now. In 2012, the top five games alone sold over 850,000 copies among them. These ranged diversely from football simulators to modern platformers, involving characters from monster hunters to gangsters.

5 Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Rockstar, 200,847 Copies Sold

In this version of “Grand Theft Auto,” the protagonist is Toni Cipriani, a respected wise guy forced into hiding for murdering a made man. Now he’s back and ready to set things straight in the battle to control Liberty City, and the time is 1998. One of the most impressive features of this immensely popular game is its custom soundtrack facility, which offers users the opportunity to play custom music when driving in vehicles. Many agree it’s just as fun to free roam around Liberty as it is to complete the missions. Walk, fight with a variety of weapons or drive around the city in a range of vehicles. The versatility alone makes “Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories” worthy of its No. 1 spot.

4 Monster Hunter Freedom 3, Capcom, 193,711 Copies Sold

An exciting and involved third-person hunting RPG game. This installment introduces new regions and monsters to entertain both new and experienced “Monster Hunter Freedom” players. Use classic weapons such as the greatsword and the switch axe to battle enemies and complete quests, which can be found by traveling around the fairly large map set against a scenic backdrop. The huge popularity among users ranks this game in the respectable place of second.

3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, Konami, 182,985 Copies Sold

Selling almost 50,000 more copies than its closest sporting rival, it really was the year’s true football champion. The game features exclusive modes showcasing the UEFA Champions League and Copa Santander Libertadores, and you can simply add friends on the PSP to play the game online. like “FIFA ’12” this edition of the game was criticized for the apparent lack of new gameplay modes. Slick, smooth gameplay and a realistic defensive AI make this title a real challenge to even the experienced gamer and could be one of the reasons behind its success.

2 LittleBigPlanet, Sony Computer Entertainment, 161,350 Copies Sold

Despite being released in 2009, this platform modern classic still ranks in the top five. “LittleBigPlanet” offers users the chance to create personal and unique levels. These can ultimately be shared online in infrastructure mode, with the only limit, in theory, being user imagination. Hence it’s longevity and popularity amongst PSP gamers. It also has the added bonus of being narrated by the articulate voice of Stephen Fry—how can it go wrong? An addictive game the whole family can enjoy.

1 Fifa ’12, EA Sports, 136,783 Copies Sold

EA Sports has been making “FIFA” games since 1993, and on the PSP itself since 2005. The annual release has consistently performed on the high sales charts, making it one of the most established brands in the sports market. Five hundred official teams are available to choose from, with a variety of game modes including player or manager career options in single-player mode, to two-player exhibitions. This edition of the game has received criticism due to a lack of updates since “FIFA ’11” in some camps, which could explain it only coming in at No. 5. Frustratingly for some, a PSP network with other PSP users needs to be set up to play two-player games.

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