Used Car Shopping? Check Out This List of 2009’s Safest Cars

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When shopping for a used car, not all of us look for the fanciest features or the most powerful engine. Many of us have to keep in mind our families, or even our own safety. We’ve made our list of the Top 5 Safest Cars of 2009 to help you choose the safest car for you and your loved ones.
Rankings from the IIHSuse a letter system in crash tests to rank the integrity of a vehicle and specific injury points on the body. The rankings are as follows: G (good) A (acceptable) M (marginal) and P (Poor). Ratings also include rollover and side impact crash tests.

5 Ford Taurus

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The 2009 Taurus remains to be a safe choice for buyers with an average rank of ‘G’ in both front and side impact crash tests in the 2009 model. Frontal impact crash testing awarded the Taurus with a‘G’in allcategories. Side impact crash tests however ranked the Taurus an ‘A’ in the following categories: structure/safety cage, driver pelvis and leg injuries, and driver torso injuries. The 2009 model still comes with standard front and side airbags, including front and rear head curtain airbags. Antilock brakes, electronic stability control, rollover sensor, and daytime running lights all add to the high safety ranking of the 2009 Taurus.

4 Audi A3/ A4

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Both the A3 and A4 ranked‘G’ overall in frontal and side impacts. During crash tests, the dummy’s head made slight contact with the sunvisor and roof of the car, though the safety for head injuries were still ranked at ‘G’ (which means there is a very low risk of serious injury). Side airbags deployed even during frontal impact. With plenty of driver space during and after impact, electronic stability control and programmable daytime running lights, both models areIIHStop choices for safe cars. The A4 was re-designed in 2009, making it an even safer choice than its previous years.

3 Saab 9-3

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Standard side and front airbags, stability control, antilock brakes, and daytime running lights all come standard on the 2009 9-3. During crash tests the side airbags deployed even during frontal impacts. In these tests, the dummy’s head made contact with both side airbags and front airbags, thus keeping it from hitting anything solid or hard during impact. The IIHSgave the 9-3 a ‘G’ rating for all aspects in the frontal impacts. Side impacted ranked a ‘G’ overall, however, the structural safety cage of the 9-3 ranked an ‘A’ during side impacts.

2 Honda Accord

Since its 2008 redesign, the accord has become one of the safest vehicles on the block. 2009 carries over the same safety features from 2008 such as electronic stability control, antilock brakes, and daytime running lights. Crash tests show an overall low risk of injury during impact, with plenty of maintained driver space during an accident. The 2009 Accord, like its 2008 predecessor, ranked ‘G’ across the board on frontal impacts, and still maintained a ‘G’ rating overall on side impacts. Note though that the specific rating to the structure/safety cage of Accord was ranked an ‘A’ during these side impacts.

1 Acura TL RL

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Both the TL and RL scored high across the board, rating ‘G’overall in frontal impact crash tests. Both models include front and rear head curtain airbags and torso bags. Electronic stability control, antilock brakes, daytime running lights are also standard. Crash tests show that the dummy’s heads only hit the head rest during impacts and did not go on to hit anything hard which would cause damage. High reliability for the Acura will keep drivers from being stranded in dangerous areas or on the side of the highway, and the integrity of the engineering will keep the TL and RLs performing for optimal safety.

For those feeling it is time to get into driving a safer vehicle, 2009 presents plenty of options for you. Even better, 2009 gives even more standard safety options than the previous year on the highest ranking models.

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