If Safety Is a Top Concern When Shopping for a Used Car, Then Consult This List of 2008’s Safest Cars

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There are many variables when testing a car for safety. Structural integrity, rollover safety, severity of damage from front and rear impacts, even things such as crash avoidance and dependability all are considered in a crash test and safety ratings. Using the data from the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS), we have assembled a list of the Top 5 Safest Cars of 2008.
Crash test rankings from the IIHS rank in this order, from best to worst: G (good) A (acceptable) M (marginal) and P (Poor). These rankings measure the integrity overall vehicle structure, bodily injury, and crash dummy restraint/kinematics. Ratings also include, but are not limited to, roof impact, and side impact test results.

5 Volvo S60

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Volvo continues its legacy of safety with the 2008 Volvo S60. The S60 comes standard with Electronic Stability Control, side and front torso airbags, front and rear curtain airbags, daytime running lights, and optional built-in child restraints. Low head impact on the B-Pillar and possible injuries on both legs were apparent in crash tests. Even so, driver’s overall relation to the steering column and overall space in general during and after impact were good. The S60 overall front impact rated a ‘G’ while overall side impact rated an ‘A’. Rear passenger safety is quite reliable.

4 Audi A3

The safety of the A6 carries over to the 2008 A3 which received ‘G’ ratings across the board but like its big brother, the A6, received an ‘A’ in left leg/foot injuries during frontal impact. The A3 is equipped with the same standard head curtain airbags and optional side torso bags as the A6 too. Electronic Stability Control and Antilock brakes are also standard. Crash tests show that the dummies had plenty of space during impact, and the body movement was well controlled/restrained. Side crash test on the A3 also provided an overall ranking of ‘G’ across all areas.

3 Audi A6

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The A6 was redesigned in 2005, and safety was one of the major priorities for Audi. The Audi A6 comes equipped with additional side airbags, including a front and rear head curtain airbag and side torso bags. The A6 also comes equipped with stability control, antilock brakes, and programmable daytime running lights. Crash tests by IIHS have shown that crash test dummies heads hit the headrest after impact with very little shock.The 2008 Audi A6 ranks a ‘G’across the board, expect getting an ‘A’ in specific left leg/foot injuries during frontal impact. Side crash test provided an overall ranking of ‘G’ across all areas.

2 Ford Taurus / Mercury Sable

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2008 brings electronic stability control to the Ford Taurus. Both frontal and side crash tests show that there is a low chance of serious injury during impact. The Taurus includes side airbags for passengers and driver, antilock brakes, daytime running lights and arollover sensor used to activate side airbags. Dummy movement was well controlled during crash tests. In all crash tests, the dummies showed no signs of head impact with plenty of driver space maintained throughout an accident.Various sources, including U.S. News, gave the 2008 Taurusa high reliability ranking, which meansfewer chances of breakdowns on the highway or in dangerous situations.

1 Honda Accord

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The 2008 model of the Honda Accord accelerates safety design from previous year models, making it a top pick for the IIHS. During crash tests, the dummy’s head did not come near anything that would cause injury. Front seat mounted torso side air bags and head curtain bags come standard, alongwith antilock brakes, daytime running lights, and electronic stability control. The IIHS rates the 2008 Accord ‘G’ across the board, with crash tests indicating a very low risk of serious injuries during an impact.

Every year cars get safer, and if safety is your number one priority, then the five vehicles listed above will be your top choices for models manufactured in 2008.

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