Top 5 Reasons to Hate Gandhi Sort Of

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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, The Mahatma, Bapu, Gandhiji, a man of many names, was one of the most revered and beloved figures of the 20th century, and with good reason. He transformed a nation, many peoples and arguably the whole world. He was a man of immense wisdom and humility, an icon of peace and tolerance, and one of the most effective political advocates of recent memory. He is hailed as a role model of virtue and goodness. But he was also human, so there are a few things to hate about him, too. This should make you feel a bit better about yourself.

5 He could be selfish

In 1906, with more than four decades still to live, Mohandas Gandhi took a vow of celibacy. That in and of itself wouldn’t be anything bad, just a bit odd and unnecessary, but the things is that his wife, Kasturba Gandhi, would be alive for another 38 years herself. Hardly fair to keep the woman who gave so much of her life to supporting him and his causes out in the cold for nearly forty years. Not cool, M.G.

4 Fashion sense

When in England studying and then practicing law, Gandhi dressed like a perfect little fop, dandying around with silk cravats, tails and a proper cap. He even often carried a fine cane, just to attempt to fit into the late Victorian society of the times. So that loin cloth and robes look? That wasn’t entirely organic—he had a practiced appearance at all stages of his life, dressing how he would best suit a desired persona.

3 He made pretty good money

If you had been alive in the late 1800s/early 1900s, chances are that Gandhi would have been making more money than you. Maybe he didn’t live the life of luxury during The Mahatma Years, but early on in life, he was actually doing quite well working as a lawyer and as a legal representative for Muslim traders based in South Africa. His annual income neared $15,000 at its peak, which is just about a livable wage in the modern Western world, and was a great income in South Africa of a hundred and some years ago!

2 He knocked up a sixteen year old girl

Of course, he was only fifteen at the time, and the girl was his wife of several years already, but cultural relativism aside, it’s still pretty weird to think about a teenage Mohandas G. and Mrs. G., and with kids no less. They eventually had four kids, if you were wondering.

1 Gandhi wasn’t always all about nonviolence

He supported the 1906 British war against the Zulu Kingdom in South Africa. He felt that by showing his support, he would help prove that Indians could be loyal, trusted subjects of the British Empire, thus encouraged the Brits to recruit Indians living in SA to fight against the Zulus. He rather changed his mind about supporting British Imperialism later on.

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