Back in Black: Top 5 Reasons to Play Call of Duty Black Ops II

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Fellow gamers, it’s time to put down Borderlands 2 and go grab the newest installment in the Call of Duty series. Released today, November 13th, the much anticipated Black Ops II is the sequel to Call of Duty: Black Ops, making it the ninth installment to the addicting first person shooter franchise.

One of the biggest criticisms of Call of Duty is pinpointing what the exact differences are between versions, besides multiplayer maps and some gun selections, which make each installment worthy of a $60 investment. The following are the top 5 reasons why Black Ops II will stand out from its brethren to reign as the best Call of Duty game yet:

5 Campaign Story

There are a lot of gamers who have never played any of the campaign modes in previous versions of CoD, and that’s unfortunate to say the least. The Modern Warfare campaign storyline alone has the production value of a feature film, calling in the musical talents of Hans Zimmer (For you Dark Knight fans) and the writing skills of Paul Haggis (Casino Royale anyone?), the Treyarch installments have included voice acting by Gary Oldman and writing by David S. Goyer (Writer for The Dark Knight), so you can rest assured that you are in for a well-crafted piece of awesome with the newest Black Ops.

4 Zombie Campaign

You can’t have a Treyarch CoD game without there being some aspect of an undead army chasing you down to eat your brains. Fortunately for Zombie fans, Black Ops II definitely lives up to this expectation and then some. Not only will there be a campaign mode based off of the previous Black Ops story line, but there will also be a separate Zombie campaign mode for the players out there who appreciate a good Zombie thriller.

3 Multiplayer Class Creation

In previous versions of the Call of Duty multiplayer gameplay you were given the option of 3 perks (I still miss Commando Pro) which you had to strategically balance to maximize the effectiveness of your gun selection. It’s reported that in Black Ops II, instead of the classic setup of perk and weapon selection, you’re given the opportunity to balance based on distributing 10 points toward your guns, perks, attachments, grenades, and equipment which should reveal an entirely new set of specialties.

2 Multi-Team Games

Never before has the Call of Duty franchise branched out into a multi-team dynamic in a single multiplayer match. All of the previous multiplayer modes haven’t included this feature, and have stuck to the traditional Team A vs Team B style of conventional gameplay. This new game mode will allow there to be more than two teams in a given game, which should shake things up a bit for the CoD traditionalists.

1 Teamwork Rewards

Black Ops II was created with teamwork in mind. It’s always been frustrating when one of your teammates is in the back of the map camping, trying to build up to a nuke, while you and the rest of your team is out and about capturing flags or protecting Alpha like you’re supposed to. Black Ops II is going to try and change this by rewarding players for teamwork as well as for kills by replacing “Kill Streak” rewards with “Score Streaks” for a more balanced and team-oriented gameplay, thwarting the efforts of the annoying corner-camper.

Despite the record-breaking sales generated by Modern Warfare 3, players still criticized it for being too similar to Modern Warfare 2, and fortunately for us Treyarch listened when it came to Black Ops II. Not only can we expect another installment to the awesome franchise, but we can also expect a much more fun overall game experience.

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