Top 5 Reasons to Move to the Lone Star State

Do you want to move to Texas? Here's the Top 5 reasons to move to the Lone Star State in 2021. What are you waiting for?

It’s important to follow your star. So it’s little wonder so many people are following the Lone Star State.

In 2019 alone, more than half a million people moved to Texas. They joined more than 30 million others. Texas is the second-biggest state in terms of population, and it may one day become the first.

Why do so many people move to Texas? What are the pros of moving to Texas, even from up north?

The answers to these questions may surprise you. Here are five good reasons to move to Texas.

1. Living In Texas Is Affordable

Texas is one of the most affordable states in the country. It has no personal or corporate income tax, making it easy to afford what you want to buy.

In particular, the Austin area is cheap. The Cost of Living Index for groceries is 90.9, while transportation is 92.0. You can buy all the food you need and travel throughout the state on a budget.

2. You Can Find Economic Opportunities

Texas contains dozens of Fortune 500 companies, including American Airlines and ExxonMobil. Other companies like Apple and Google are looking to expand their operations.

If you’re looking to get an education, you can study at Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas. You can even invest in solar power. Visit for information on how you can install solar panels on your home.

3. Texas Is Beautiful

You can find a wide range of natural wonders in Texas. The Big Bend National Park provides sweeping views of the Rio Grande. Mountaineers can head to the Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

If you want a little splash of nature, you can go to Zilker Park in south Austin. It contains a botanical garden and natural springs, which you can visit for free.

4. Texas Is Diverse

Each major city has its own style. Austin has a number of small and unique businesses, which the city promotes under the slogan, “Keep Austin Weird.” San Antonio hosts the Alamo alongside a number of amusement parks.

Texas culture is truly international, rooted in Hispanic, African, and Indigenous traditions. You can find communities from all backgrounds in every city.

5. The Food Is Great

Texas’s most famous innovation is barbeque. It is true that you can find pork ribs and smoked brisket on any street.

But Texas offers a lot more than that. You can find Tex-Mex restaurants that serve fajitas and enchiladas. You can order chili and chicken fried steak.

Five Reasons You Should Move to Texas

If you are looking to save money, you should move to Texas. Grocery and transportation cost less, and businesses like Amazon are expanding their operations.

But the Lone Star State offers more than money. It contains numerous natural wonders like the Rio Grande.

The state is diverse. Each city has a unique style while representing a range of communities. You can sample cuisines from all over the world, and you can find a lot of barbeque.

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