Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Mac vs. a PC

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Apple’s Macintosh computers (commonly known as Macs) are great for many people. For others, they aren’t the best fit. Some people say that the decision between a Mac and a PC is a no-brainer… no matter which side they’re advocating. But it’s not so simple. Think of it like a Homeowners’ Association—some are strict and have high fees, but in return you know exactly what to do and how your neighbors will act. Other HOAs are loosely enforced or non-existent; you have more freedom, but more risks, too. The decision to choose a Mac or a PC is like deciding which kind of HOA you want.

5 Service

Apple controls every aspect of their computers from hardware to the operating system. Unlike PCs, when something goes wrong, you just have one place to call to get things fixed again. PC users may have to hunt through online forums and figure out whether the problem lies with Windows or the hardware or the third-party software the manufacturer loaded in. Mac users can just trundle off to the Genius Bar at the local Apple store and plop down their ailing machine. The polo-shirted, lanyard-wearing Genius will be able to help—for a price. But they almost never pass the buck to someone else. So, if you want to be sure someone will fix your computer quickly and easily if you have a problem, Mac is likely your best choice.

4 Education

Apple often gives discounts to educational institutions and teachers. All the way back to computer labs with the Apple IIe running “Oregon Trail” on green-and-black monitors, Apple has had a special place in the educational system. Because of the discounts and the deeply embedded nature of Macs within education, if you’re an educator or a student, Mac might be a better choice for you.

3 Arts and Entertainment

It’s not just a category in Trivial Pursuit; arts and entertainment are also industries where Mac computers shine particularly bright. Whereas in many business environments Windows gets the best software with the biggest selection, in the arts and entertainment sectors Mac often has better software and stuff that isn’t available on the PC. Mac includes programs like GarageBand in OS X for the aspiring recording artists out there. They also develop and sell apps like Aperture for photo-editing professionals. PC users are left out of the loop, scrambling for other alternatives. So, if you’re in an industry that relies on Mac-specific applications, you may need to ditch your PC.

2 Ecosystem

Apple wants you to live and play in its world, and not have to go elsewhere. Your iPhone will play nicely with your iPad, MacBook and AirPort router. If you buy all your electronic gear from Apple, you can, for the most part, have it work together instantly. This limits your choices, though. If you want to run a Google tablet, a Windows phone and a Mac computer, you’ll have to do your homework to get them all talking. If the limited choice is worth having all your tech work together, then Apple works best.

1 Ease of Use

It’s no secret that Mac computers are easier to use than PCs. They are. It’s true. Typically, you plug it in and go. All the fiddly bits are hidden from view, so you can just sit down and write your screenplay in the local, independent coffee shop. Apple stuff just works. Point, click and that’s it. You could use it with a mitten on if you wanted. The cost you pay for all this ease is, well, higher—and you have reduced options, to boot. Macs cost more than PCs when you’re comparing the same hardware, and fewer programs run on the Mac than on the PC. But if those are trifling considerations for you, the Mac is a better choice.

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