Top 5 Reasons Why More Sleep Means Less Stress During the Holiday Season

By Emily Tan November 13, 2017 View all posts (53)

Ever tell someone that you’re not a morning person? While you may believe that you’re a night owl, science proves otherwise. Research has shown that the reason we don’t do too great when the sun rises is due to a lack of continuous sleep. Whether it’s because you’re only able to get a few hours of shut eye a night or continuously toss and turn while trying to rest, sleep deprivation not only makes you want to pass out in the middle of the day, but it can also increase your stress, especially during the holidays.

Although many of us can’t wait to dig into that turkey at Thanksgiving or rip into presents on Christmas Day, the weeks leading to those big holidays (and many others) are usually full of pressure and stress. And although we can’t add more hours to our day, a good night’s rest can help us alleviate the stresses of the days and keep our heads cool and ready to focus on making the most of the holidays.

Still skeptical? We’ll explain how sleep can decrease stress hormones, anxiety, weight gain and blues as well as increase your productivity. Learn more about these benefits and what you can add to your life and make for a better night of slumber with our Top 5 reasons why more sleep means less stressing during the holiday season.


5.) Stress Hormones Decrease During REM Sleep


Between work, school and other responsibilities, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a given day. And as the holidays are quickly creeping up on us, stress levels are at an all-time high. With everything on our to-do lists and one too many coffees, we’re wired by the time we hit the sack. But when we get finally get to sleep, our stress drops tremendously.

According to researchers from UC Berkley, people’s stress hormones are significantly lowered when they enter REM sleep because norepinephrine, which is a stress chemical in our brains, is decreased to let our dreams sort through our memories of the day. And pillows like the beegod Bed Pillow will not only support your neck and help reduce headaches, it will always help you reach REM faster.


4.) A Good Night’s Sleep Helps Curb Anxiety

If there’s anything that increases people’s stress more during the holidays, it’s gift shopping. Sure, there are many who have taken advantage of Cyber Monday deals, but there are still many who travel to the mall or local holiday market to buy presents. If you’re one of those people who easily blows up on the checkout line, then perhaps a couple more hours of shut eye might do you some good.

This weighted sensory blanket by Zonli will bring new meaning to tucking yourself in at night. The blanket is meant to calm people who have a hard time sleeping or suffer from anxiety. And because it will make you feel like you’re swaddled like a baby, your brain will then release serotonin — a chemical that helps us relax. You’ll feel like a new person when you wake up in the morning.

3.) Being Well Rested Means Being More Alert

According to some research, losing a few hours of sleep in one night can mess with your ability to drive the next day, similar to how alcohol can lead to drunkenness. So getting a full night’s sleep is best for you to stay alert and will keep you aware of the various cars, shopping carts and people who walk around in the parking lot, especially during the holiday season.

This illuminated alarm clock by eBright is the perfect tool to help you fall asleep easily and not fall out of bed in the morning.


2.) Snoozing More Can Keep You Away From Packing on the Holiday Pounds

A balanced diet and workout plan are key to losing weight, but so is having a good night’s rest. Research has shown that because sleep and metabolism are controlled by the same part of the brain, you feel hungrier when both are deprived, which can lead you to eating more gingerbread than your body can handle.

If you like to tingle your senses, a diffuser like this VicTsing one will make your environment calm, serene and smell nice, too. And if you breathe through your mouth when you sleep, the stream of air can help keep your air passages from getting clogged.

1.) Sleep Makes You Happy

If you’re still not convinced, sleep will turn that frown upside down. One study has shown that staying up all night can significantly affect your mood and, in turn, your relationship with others. No one likes a Debbie Downer, especially during the holidays. So make sure to get all the sleep you can, and you can avoid being called the Grinch.


Want more ways to ensure a stress-free holiday season? Check out our Guide to Relieving Stress During the Holidays.

Know more awesome benefits of a good night’s rest? Let us know in the comments below!

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