top 5 reasons not to date a drama queen

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Oh, the agony good girls go through because dudes like you still prefer drama queens–the cheerleaders in short skirts versus the introspective girls in T-shirts as Taylor Swift pointed out in “You Belong with Me.” That little number did not win the 2009 MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video or the 2010 Kids’ Choice Awards for Favorite Song for nothing. Bottom line, people date drama queens, even when they shouldn’t.

5 She’ll Wear You Down

Your drama queen might be beautiful and exciting, but dealing with one dramatic episode after the next will take a toll on you, says Ellen McGrath, a New York clinical psychologist in “Psychology Today.” You’ll be sucked into the drama and get excited, too, or you will shut down. Either way, look around for a moment, and you might finally see the quiet girl, “the one who understands you.”

4 Mood Swings

Being with a drama queen can seem as if you are hanging with a ticking time bomb. One minute everything seems copacetic, and the next, everything hits the fan. Drama queens often have borderline personality disorder, according to Sheri Spirt, an assistant professor of psychiatry at NYU Medical Center, in “Psychology Today.” They have unstable relationships and don’t have a real identity. They might rage one minute and be completely over it the next.

3 Master Manipulator

If there’s one thing any drama queen knows how to do, it’s get her way. As soon as you want to do something she doesn’t, be prepared for a temper tantrum. You want to go to the Braves game, and she wants to go to the botanical garden. Better get out your plant book, or be prepared to pay dearly for a long time for that one ball game. Or if you want to hang with your buddies, watch out. Something dramatic is bound to happen. Maybe she’s suddenly sick, or maybe she’s worried about failing a test. She will think of something that she needs you to do for her right then.

2 Immature

Many drama queens learned the behavior when they were, shall we say, little spoiled brats. Daddy paid attention and usually gave in when his little darling stomped her foot and would not leave the store until he bought her a pretty doll. Can you see where this is heading? You might not want to take your not-so-little darling to the mall on payday. She won’t be happy unless you get her that new Michael Kors bag.

1 Low Self-Esteem

You might think that the girl who’s always the center of attention is what you want because if she gets all the attention, she must be fun to be around, right? Not so much. The reason these drama queens are in the spotlight so often is that they create drama so they’ll feel good about themselves. You see, drama queens usually have low self-esteem, feel insecure and are not blessed with the confidence they pretend to have. They believe that unless they create drama, no one will be interested in them.

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