The 5 Best Scoops on Protein Powders

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The marketing and research on protein powders have confused us all really. Whey protein is apparently best for muscle rebuilding after intense exercise. But then it contains toxic by-products and is constipating. Egg White protein is superior to whey. But then we hear of egg white allergies. I will let you in on a little secret here, something you definitely didn’t know. When our ancestors’ bodies were evolving into what they are today, they didn’t have protein powder, or blenders, or cow dairy, or egg separators, Mind-blowing, isn’t it? I jest, but it is true that unless we are work-out machines, we can get much better nutrition and protein from pure, whole foods. Whatever you see on TV or in a magazine, whenever in time you exist, first ask yourself “Is this food in its whole form, or has it been processed?” If the answer is “No,” then move on. That is the best way to find whether something is healthful for you or not.

If you are adamant about having your protein powder, or actually are lifting weights in your sleep and in traffic on the way to work, then here are a few protein powders that are not made with toxic products, are raw, organic and bioavailable to the body. All of the following contain all essential amino acids, are raw, vegan and non-GMO. As always, I would like to state that I am not affiliated in any sense with any of the following brands or their products.

5 Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein

If you are not feeling the brown rice, pea, or vegetable proteins, there’s always another kind which you have most likely heard of in recent days – hemp protein. Growing in popularity due to the worldwide falling concerns regarding the hemp plant as its promoters tout the extremely varied uses for it, protein made from the hemp seed does not contain THC (the active ingredient when used in recreation or as medication), so don’t worry about the company drug test coming up. You won’t fail it. Hemp protein is darker in color than other protein powders and contains naturally occurring Omega-3’s. There are only three ingredients in this powder – organic hemp protein powder, organic palm sugar, and organic vanilla flavor, making this powder a winner in its simplicity in conjunction with its ability to provide all 10 essential amino acids, Omega-3’s and fiber.

4 Plant Fusion Protein

Plant Fusion Protein happens to be one of the best tasting plant-based proteins out there. It blends as well as the best whey protein, and the vanilla flavor in particular is out of this world. Rather than being made from brown rice protein, this powder is made from pea protein, artichoke protein, and sprouted quinoa powder. It also contains enzymes for added digestibility, but unfortunately does contain some added fructose, or processed fruit sugar. Due to the added glycine, which is insufficiently researched at this time, please consult your doctor before using if pregnant or breastfeeding.

3 Garden of Life RAW Protein

Garden of Life’s RAW protein is unique in the sense that, although it is made with brown rice protein as the two above are, it also has a wide array of seed and bean sprouts, as well as enzymes, a probiotic and mixed tocopherols (antioxidants). At less than 1 gram of sugar, this protein is one of the lowest sugar plant-based proteins out there. Garden of Life has been touted in many a book, including a few detox books probably due to its inclusion of sprouts and the added probiotic. Highly recommended.

2 Boku Protein

Boku Protein has many of the same ingredients as Sun Warrior, but has a few different ones such as lucuma and maple syrup (it is low sugar however). It also contains enzymes which help your body to digest the protein. Boku blends well into a smoothie and has a pleasant, mildly sweet taste.

1 Sun Warrior Protein

Sun Warrior Protein is highly marketed and supported by many health and raw food enthusiasts. It is an excellent product, and does have many excellent properties, one being that it is all raw and very minimally processed. The ingredients are all familiar and pronounceable, and not only vegan, but raw and easy to digest, with help from a carminative (digestive aid) herb, fenugreek.

Blend these protein powders with some almond, rice or oat milk, ice, berries and some kefir for a delicious, satisfying smoothie. If you like to add superfoods, throw in some chia, flax and/or hemp seeds, spirulina and/or green powders, coconut oil, acai, maca, and leafy greens for extra body love.

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