Top 5 Phone Apps for Kids

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Even the youngest of kids seems to gravitate to smartphones today. And why not? These phones offer plenty of entertainment, with everything from videos to music to challenging games. If your kids are going to play with your phone, you might as well load it with the best apps designed for them. You might be surprised at just how many phone apps can help your children learn and relax while boosting their self-confidence.

5 Ms. Pac-Man

Sometimes your kids just want to have fun. They can do this in the world of video games without having to blow anything up. That’s thanks in part to Ms. Pac-Man. NAMCO, developer of the app, has taken care to replicate the classic arcade game. Now your children can learn the joys of dodging ghosts and munching power dots.

4 Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is that rare app that appeals to both kids and their older siblings. Parents might even enjoy it. Kids control a wide range of plants that must beat back a zombie attack. The game is much more fun than it is scary, and you’d be amazed at how clever those zombie-battling plants can be.

3 Make a Journal

Mister Rogers earned the admiration of both parents and children for being wise, caring and kind during his long-running PBS show, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.” Today’s children can tap into some of that magic with Make a Journal, an app associated with the original PBS show. In this PBS Kids app, Daniel the striped tiger—a long-running character on Rogers’ show and star of his own animated show on PBS—helps children get in touch with their feelings by assisting them as they create their own journals.

2 Endless Alphabet

Is your kid struggling to learn his or her letters? Does spelling remain a constant challenge? Endless Alphabet from Callaway Digital Arts can help. This app relies on friendly animated monsters to teach users all about the alphabet. When users successfully build words, they’re rewarded by a jaunty cartoon that explains their meanings.

1 Pocket Frogs

Remember searching ponds and lakes for frogs when you were a kid? Now kids can collect frogs electronically through the Pocket Frogs app. With this nifty app, kids can breed frogs in habitats that they create. They can then trade these critters with their friends. And for goal-oriented kids? The game offers more than 60 rewards that users can earn.

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