Top 5 Pets for Busy People

When you’d love to have a pet but think you’re so busy you might forget to feed the little critter, there’s good news for you: Busy people can have pets. All you have to do is some research to find a pet that prefers to be left alone and requires minimal care. Adopt one of these top five pets for busy people and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you can keep something other than yourself alive. And even though you may be busy, try to find some time for love. Just don’t get too carried away like these people!

Here are the top five pets for busy people:

5.) Cat

Pets For Busy People cat looking at camera

Cats are stuck up and kind of evil—but they are fantastic pets for busy people. Cats don’t really hate you. Actually, they don’t think about you at all. They are stereotypically the best companions for women, but anyone can own a cat! A study did find that having a cat as a pet is the emotional equivalent of having a romantic partner. This is great news for people who want to snuggle with their cat and also not worry about them being home alone.

Just leave some food and water out and change the litter box now and then. Oh, and leave some clean, dark-colored clothes in a laundry basket so kitty can mark you as part of its territory. Then you’re pretty much done. Compared to other pets, cats don’t need much exercise. They sleep most of the day away, which is great for people who aren’t home much. But, when you get home, your cat will still need interaction and to play with you!  If you are gone for too long, it would be good for somebody to come in to play a bit with the cat. Another option would be to get two cats so they can keep each other company while you are away!

Every cat has a personality. Some are loving; others want to be left alone. You will need to decide what cat you want when you go find your furry new friend.