Top 5 Oddest Items Sold on Craigslist

Admittedly, what’s “odd” is subjective. However, from conservative to liberal and buttoned-up to adventurous, the average person is likely to agree there are some strange people in the world with even stranger tastes. And they’re all selling and buying items on Craigslist. Not only can you buy your next TV or car from sellers on the site, but also such oddities as a rattlesnake headdress, an attack kitten or a menstruating short-term friend. Cue the “Twilight Zone” music as we introduce you to the top five oddest things sold on Craigslist.

5 Wedding Ring Set

At first glance, this ad seems completely innocent. A woman wishes to sell her 10-year-old, four-stone interlocking gold wedding rings. Asking price–$300 or best offer. However, that’s when the seemingly mundane ad turns interesting. So as not to confuse anyone, the poster makes it clear that the male wedding band that originally came with the set is not available. Why? It has since been “run over, hammered, put in a vice, crushed, and thrown off a tall bridge.” Since she couldn’t do these things to her adulterous ex-husband and father of her children, this was the next best thing–in her words. Our advice to any potential buyers? Don’t go see this ring set alone.

4 Huge Bathroom for Rent

We all go through tough financial times now and then, but would you be willing to live in someone’s bathroom to make ends meet? And pay for the privilege of doing so? Talk about being down on your luck. A New York resident in her 60s was seeking a roommate to share her one bedroom/one bath apartment in the East Village. However, the roommate would have to confine herself to the “large” bathroom, which could fit a twin mattress. Apparently, the owner didn’t feel comfortable with a stranger walking around her apartment. Another rule? The roommate would have to leave the bathroom, and take her air mattress with her, every time the owner needed to use it. Price to live in this bathroom? $400 a month.

3 Custom-Made Diplomas

Never finish high school or that pain-in-the-butt GED program? No worries. A New York City woman has just the solution. Made-to-order diplomas! That’s right. For just $70, you can have a custom-made high school diploma or GED certificate in your hands within 24 hours. And Dee, the diploma artist, is no amateur. Oh, no. Your diploma will arrive on genuine diploma paper complete with graduation folder. But wait. Have higher aspirations? Say, a college or graduate degree? For $100, you can be an instant college graduate. Who needs the headache of school and student loans when you can simply buy a degree? Although we’re laughing at the absurdity of it all, we’re almost 100 percent certain this scam is illegal, for both the seller and buyer.

2 Seeking Menstrual Short-Term Friend

We never thought to “solve” the irregular-cycle problem by soliciting random women to come spend time with us in order to kick start the ‘ol vajayjay, as Oprah affectionately calls it. But that’s exactly what a San Diego woman did. She was two weeks late and, although she knew she wasn’t pregnant, wanted to get back to her “lovely, normal schedule.” Don’t think it could get worse? It does. The poster further requests her random female helper to be “dominant in these matters,” meaning have a history of setting other women’s cycles. We don’t know about you, but this poster seems cray-cray (that’s crazy for those of you not in the know). Payment offered? Unlimited Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

1 Woman to Sit in Bathtub Full of Noodles

Let’s start off by saying the person running the ad was only willing to pay $1 for this “service.” Apparently, a Pittsburgh resident was in need of a woman, clothed only in a bathing suit, to come to his home and sit in a bathtub full of cooked noodles. But wait, it gets creepier. The woman had to stay in the tub for a minimum of five minutes, which would be timed by a neighbor watching from across the street. And she was not to bring her own sauce. The poster would be seasoning the noodles later that evening for dinner. All we could think when reading this ad was, “Ewww.”

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