Which Teams Owned the 2010-2011 Season? These Teams.

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You have to both love and hate the Boston Bruins. Love them because they won their first Stanley Cup since 1972 by beating another Canadian team in the Vancouver Canucks four games to three. You have to hate them, because they are from Boston — one of the most annoying sports towns with some of the most obnoxious sports fans in America. The Bruinsdefeated another overrated team from the west, the Vancouver Canucks, which won the Presidents’ Trophy and couldn’t cash in on it. The Bruins with their all-star Vezina Trophy and Conn Smythe Trophy winninggoalie, Tim Thomas, put a scare into all of us by taking seven grueling games to keep the cup in the states. The Bruins weren’t even the best team in their Eastern Conference as the fourth seed, but did win the Northeast Division.

After the Bruins put the Canucks and the rest of Canada out of their misery, for the second year in a row there were riots, but this time from the losing team. Funny, but isn’t rioting after sports championships usually reserved for the winners? This isn’t even the first time Canucks fans rioted. These morons did it in 1994 after they lost to the New York Rangers in the finals.

The Canucks were trying to do their best imitation of the San Jose Sharks and had to go seven games in the first round against the defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks. Twin brothers Daniel and HenrikSedin did all they could to bring Canada back to prominence and win in all. Henrik was the league’s assist leader with 75, and Daniel was Art Ross Trophy winner as the league’s top point scorer, and the Ted Lindsay Award winner as the league’s Most Outstanding Player. TheCanucks were really great team. One of the best that the Pacific Northwest has seen in years.

Here are the Top 5 NHL Teams from 2010-11.

5 Washington Capitals (48-23-11) 107 Points

The Capitals were the best team in the Eastern Conference, but were swept by the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Eastern Conference semifinals. So why are they even in the Top 5? Because there are a few teams that choked even harder than they did.

4 Detroit Red Wings (47-25-10) 104 Points

The Red Wings won the Central Division, but lost to the Sharks in the Western Conference semifinals 4-3. But they’re still the freaking Red Wings!

3 San Jose Sharks (48-25-9) 105 Points

Thank goodness for the Canucks or otherwise the Sharks would once again be the goats from the Western Conference.

2 Vancouver Canucks (54-19-9) 117 Points

How can you riot when you didn’t win anything? The Canucks put the fear of God in everyone by going seven games in the finals. They beat the Bruins handedly 5-2 in Boston in game six, and had the deciding game in Vancouver and was just pounded 4-0! On the other hand I guess rioting after a performance like that could be justified.

1 Boston Bruins (46-25-11) 103 Points

Give the Bruins and the rest of Boston sports credit. This is been their decade with the Patriots, Celtics and Red Sox all winning championships. Now if we could only get them to get rid of those annoying Bostonian accents.

Philadelphia Flyers (47-23-12) 106 Points
See the Washington Capitals above. The Flyers won the Atlantic Division, but saved everyone the agony of seeing them lose in the finals as they were ousted by the swept by the Bruins in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Tampa Bay Lightning (46-25-11) 103 Points
The Lightning almost made hockey relevant in the south again. Defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins in the first round 4-3, swept the Capitals in the second round, and made a great run at the Bruins before losing in seven games in the Eastern Conference finals.

Pittsburgh Penguins (49-25-8) 106 Points
Tied the Flyers for the Atlantic Division crown, but lost to the Lighting in the first round of the playoffs. But what do they care? Unlike the Flyers, the Penguins have won a few Stanley Cups in the past 20-plus years.

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