Top 5 Newspapers with Awesome Websites

By Dan Rafner September 10, 2013 View all posts (20)
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Remember when we got our news from actual printed newspapers? We can’t either. Today, we’re all more likely to turn on our tablets and laptops when we want a news fix. Fortunately, plenty of newspapers operate amazing websites, ones that deliver a mix of written word, video and images that leaves us more informed about the state of the world. And the best of these newspaper websites? They entertain us, too.

5 The Wall Street Journal

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Looking for business news?, the website of the The Wall Street Journal, should be your first stop. The “Journal” print edition has been covering business for what seems like forever. Its website does an equally good job. Most newspaper business sections are filled with Associated Press stories or feel-good fluff about new business openings. The “Wall Street Journal” digs deeper, focusing on economic trends, the reasons behind unemployment and the way technology is changing the world of business.

4 The Christian Science Monitor

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The Christian Science Monitor has long embraced the Internet. This venerable newspaper ended its daily edition, limiting its print edition to once a week, and instead decided to focus on the Internet. The result? The “Monitor” runs one of the strongest news websites out there. There’s nothing frilly about the site. It’s filled with hard news, intriguing opinion columns and some of the most insightful business news around.

3 USA Today

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The USA Today website stands out for its strong social networking component: A “Trending on Social Right Now” bar, in the top-right corner of the main page, shows what’s of most interest to readers at the moment, and as soon as you click through, Facebook and Twitter links are up top, making the stories easy to share with friends. But that doesn’t come at the expense headlines that the editors (and general newsworthiness standards) deem most important, which are prominently displayed alongside the trend bar. The also stands out due to heavy, and seamless, incorporation of video on the front page (there’s even a link at the top of the site that takes you to an “all-video” front page).

2 Washington Post

The Washington Post website,, also has a pay wall, and it’s worth it. Like the “New York Times,” the “Post” remains a newspaper that still boasts a large, talented staff. There’s nothing revolutionary about the site itself, but if you’re looking for actual hard news and award-winning photography, you’ll find them here. Because of its location in the nation’s capital, the “Post” is perfect if you’re a political junkie.

1 The New York Times

Image Credit:, the website of the New York Times, has to be on the list if only for the amount of news packed onto the site. Yes, you do have to pay for full access—you’ll be asked to pay if you want to read more than 10 stories a month—but you’ll receive a ton of content for your dollars. The New York Times still maintains a robust staff of photographers and writers, and these industry veterans contribute to the website, too. The site also features well-known columnists and bloggers, plus plenty of eye-popping video. For international news, politics and national news, no other site provides as much.

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