Top 5 National Fast Food Restaurants

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In America, fast food is getting a bad wrap. Once and a while, though you got to “Treat yo self” and here’s the places you need to go. No matter what town you are in.

5 Dunkin’ Donuts

Mostly based on the east coast (only 77 franchisees exist west of the Mississippi River and are mostly in Iowa, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas). Any place that has donuts and donuts fast deserves to be on this list. They have coffee to dip that donut in, too.

4 McDonald’s

McD’s is synonymous with America. So is Big Mac and being fat, but I digress. Ronald is a money making machine, even when they get slammed by the media. Their chicken nuggets (no matter where they come from) are delicious. They have always evolved and always made money. A McDonald’s restaurant is operated by either a franchisee, an affiliate or the corporation itself. The corporation’s revenues come from the rent, royalties and fees paid by the franchisees, as well as sales in company-operated restaurants. McDonald’s revenues grew 27 percent over the three years ending in 2007 to $22.8 billion, and 9 percent growth in operating income to $3.9 billion.

3 Subway

Jared Fogul, the fatty who only ate Subway and lost a bunch of weight is still the face of this franchise. They have healthy options but the best is still chicken and bacon ranch melt with some chocolate chip cookies on the side (bet Jared didn’t eat those). And remember the Sub-Club Cards? I used to get free subs all the time with those. Subway is the fastest growing franchise in the world with 37,881 restaurants in 98 countries and territories as of November 7, 2012.

2 Wendy’s

Best dessert ever goes to the Frosty. A little thicker than a shake and just awesome. Did you know you can get the fries and dip them in there and it’s like your mouth is riding a Unicorn? Their burgers mostly have bacon, so that is also great. The baconator, is to die for—literally. As of March 2010, Wendy’s was the world’s third largest hamburger fast food chain with approximately 6,650 locations, following McDonald’s 31,000+ locations and Burger King’s 22,000+ locations.

1 Arby’s

Two Words. Special Sauce. I don’t care what you put this stuff on—I would eat it. And combine Roast beef with Cheddar Cheese and you are basically in heaven. There are more than 3,600 Arby’s restaurants. As of December 30, 2010, there were 1,169 company-owned restaurants, 2,367 franchised and 125 international locations, principally in Canada.

Does this list line up with the Top 5 Fast Food Chains by number of stores?

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