Top 5 Muscles You Can’t Ignore

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The hundreds of muscles in your body are made up of the same materials—soft tissues in the form of protein filaments. When you move, the filaments slide and cause your muscles to contract, like when you show off the guns on your arms. Don’t ignore your muscles because without them you wouldn’t be able to do things like go for a walk without being in pain or even control your bladder.

5 Psoas

The psoas is the muscle that runs along your hips to connect the top of your thighs to your lower back. According to “Men’s Health,” if you ignore this muscle by sitting on your butt all day, the muscle gets a rounded banana shape and makes you more prone to lower back, hip and knee pain or injuries. Work this muscle with knee lifts. Start by sitting upright in a chair with your feet on the ground. Then raise your knee, keeping it bent, so it’s higher than your hips and hold this position for five seconds.

4 Abdominal Muscles

More than for looking hot in a swimsuit, your abdominal muscles help you inhale and exhale because they raise and lower your ribs, sternum and diaphragm, according to the John Hopkins School of Medicine. Working out your ab muscles can also help improve your posture, reduce injuries when you’re twisting or picking up objects (or playful children) and can help reduce back pain.

3 Lungs

If you don’t think that your lungs are a muscle, run as fast as you can for three minutes and reconsider the thought. The lungs have a simple yet important function: the delivery of oxygen through the body and the removal of carbon dioxide. One of the best ways to keep your lungs strong is to exercise. You can feel your lungs getting stronger with exercise when you notice, for example, that you don’t feel as winded after walking up a flight of stairs. Protect your lungs by not smoking or quitting the habit.

2 Brain

The brain is an irreplaceable muscle that you best not abuse or neglect. It has the amazing ability to grow, adapt and even rewire itself, according to the Franklin Institute. As you age, your brain continues to form new neurons that respond to new stimuli. At only three pounds, this muscle can experience a loss of nerve signals if it remains inactive. While your brain can’t lift weights, you can keep it strong by exercising it with different challenges. For example, try using your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth, dial the phone or use the TV remote. The Franklin Institute also recommends taking up a new hobby, reading, learning a new language and traveling to keep your brain fit.

1 Heart

The most important muscle in your body is your heart, according to Wellness Junction. The heart is your body’s powerhouse as it delivers nutrients and oxygen throughout your body. It’s one of the top muscles that you can’t ignore because heart disease is one of the top killers in the United states, deadlier than all the forms of cancer combined. Taking care of your heart is about more than just exercising regularly. You have to pair your workouts with a balanced diet and reduced-stress lifestyle.

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