Top 5 Multiple No-Hit Pitchers

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No, Homer Bailey isn’t the name of that guy from your hometown who was caught doing less than commendable things to local livestock; it’s actually the name of a young man who just made baseball history.

Homer Bailey became just the 28th man in the history of Major League Baseball to throw multiple no hitters, throwing his second in just the past 10 months as his Cincinnati Reds took down the defending champion San Francisco Giants 3-0.

One of the most difficult accomplishments in sports, the no-hitter is rare for certain, making it even more exceptional when one player manages to do it on multiple occasions.

5 Justin Verlander

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The Detroit Tigers’ fire-baller was one the most recent man to throw multiple no-no’s before Homer Bailey, tossing his first in 2007 and his second in 2011. And while the always-reliable Verlander is having a bit of a tough go of it so far this season, it’s important that we all remember one thing; for a short time he was rumored to have been dating Kate Upton. So no matter what happens over the course of the remainder of his career, he’s already the biggest winner here.

4 Randy Johnson

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Whatever he may have lacked in dapper good looks, Randy Johnson more than made up for in pitching prowess. And while the “Big Unit” is probably most remembered for that time one of his screaming fastballs made a bird explode on live TV, he also threw two no-hitters in his stellar Major League career. Johnson’s first no-no came in 1990 as a member of the Seattle Mariners and his second came 14 years later as an Arizona Diamondback, when he tossed a perfect game against the Atlanta Braves.

3 Cy Young

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When the award given to the best pitchers each season is named after you, it’s safe to say you accomplished something special during your time in the majors. Cy Young may have played back when the car was still a crazy new fad, but he’s still a legend and remembered among the game’s greatest pitchers of all time. Young threw three no-hitters, including the first perfect game in the modern baseball era, over the course of a 22-year career in which he played for teams like the Cleveland Spiders, Boston Americans, and St. Louis Perfectos.

2 Sandy Koufax

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One of the greatest to ever don Dodger blue, the man they called the “Left Arm of God” threw four no hitters in his Major League career, which is far more impressive when you consider the fact that Sandy Koufax only played for the relatively short span of 12 seasons in the bigs. Koufax’s no-hit bids also included shutting down the Cubs without allowing a hit or walk in 1965, giving him a perfect game, a feat that even Nolan Ryan was never able to realize.

1 Nolan Ryan

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Too many baseball fans today know Nolan Ryan mostly as the curmudgeonly guy who’s always in the stands at Texas Rangers games, but Ryan’s true lasting legacy is that he’s the unquestioned king of the no-hitter. Ryan accomplished the unlikely feat an unbelievable seven different times over the course of his 27-year big league career. With the help of his 100+ mph fastball, Ryan threw no-no’s in three different decades, threw two in one season back in 1973, and even threw one at the age of 44.

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