Top 5 Most Underrated NFL Players for 2013-14 Fantasy Football

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To paraphrase Conan the Barbarian, what’s best in life is to crush your enemies, see them driven before you and know that you did it with a sleeper pick late in your fantasy draft. Sure, anyone can grab Adrian Peterson with the first pick—and you should—but it takes a true competitor to strike gold in the late rounds of a fantasy draft.

5 Anquan Boldin

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At 32 years old, Boldin is nearing the end of his NFL career, but fresh off a Super Bowl appearance and signing with the San Francisco 49ers, he may have some life in him yet. Especially since the Niners’ top receiver, Michael Crabtree, looks to be sidelined with an ankle injury. Colin Kapernick likes to spread the ball around and Boldin likes to catch it in the end zone. That’s a tempting combination for a player that should be available in the fourth round of a 10-team fantasy league.

4 Golden Tate

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Although he might be most famous for the controversial touchdown reception at the end of the Monday Night Football game between Green Bay and Seattle in 2012, Golden Tate is a solid fantasy option. He regularly plays on offense as a slot receiver, he will return kicks and punts, and he threw for a touchdown on a trick play. As a triple threat, Golden Tate has several ways to rack up fantasy points that are completely legitimate.

3 Nick Foles

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In Chip Kelly’s offense, speed and scoring are key. He led the University of Oregon to become one of the highest-scoring and fastest-paced college football teams. Now, as the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Kelly’s offense could make Foles into a fantasy king. The young QB is an impressive pocket passer who will have the option of several good receivers. Since Kelly knows how to scheme for the weaknesses of the opposing team, the Eagles could surprise people early and Foles would benefit.

2 Maurice Jones-Drew

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Jones-Drew was hurt in 2012. His numbers don’t look good, so the fantasy machines drop his ranking. Now he’s healthy and looking to tear up some defenses again. The Jaguars have precious few offensive weapons so MJD will see quite a few touches. In the last year he was healthy, he put up 1,600 yards and eight touchdowns. Even if he does half of that, he’s still a good third-string running back. And he could do much more.

1 Matt Flynn

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Matt Flynn has seen precious little playing time during his years in the NFL, and 2013 sees him with his third team in three years: the Oakland Raiders. However, in both Green Bay and Seattle, Flynn ended up behind a better QB and rode the bench for most of the year. Oakland doesn’t seem to have that problem, but what they do have is a young, athletic receiving corps that will give Flynn ample targets. If Oakland’s offensive line can protect him, look for Flynn to have his best-ever fantasy year.

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