Top 5 Most Tattooed Celebrities

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Tattoos used to be reserved for bad boys and rebels like rockers or bikers, but a shocking number of celebrities have been getting inked recently. Perhaps it has something to do with the popularity of reality shows like “Miami Ink,” which portray tattoos as a thing of beauty, or maybe it’s that celebrities have simply found that tattoos are an extremely effective way of claiming the center of attention.

5 Harry Styles

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Anyone with a daughter younger than 18 knows who Harry Styles is. This boy-bander and his “One Direction” bandmates are setting female hearts aflutter worldwide. So, of course, Styles has to up the ante to stand out from his boy-next-door pals. He does this with tattoos, including two birds on his chest, a butterfly on his ribcage, a heart with three nails on his arm and the word “Hi” on his left arm. He probably got a couple more while you were reading this. Styles’ tattoos total more than 40, most of them done in less than a year. Can you say overkill?

4 Rihanna

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Rihanna likes to show off her tattoos on Twitter every time she gets a new one. At last count, she had about 18, but there are probably more she hasn’t shown off. Her latest is the image of the Egyptian goddess Isis, inked just below her breasts. Rihanna is also a fan of phrases, including “Rebelle Fleur,” which is inked on the side of her neck, and “Never a failure, always a lesson,” which decorates her right shoulder. By the way, this one is written backward so she can read it when she looks in the mirror. There’s also the gun under her armpit, but for the most part Rihanna’s tattoos are so artfully done that you can’t help but admire them, even if you think she’s crazy for getting inked.

3 Pink

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Pink hasn’t yet matched her husband Carey Hart’s level of ink, but she’s gaining fast. Her tattoos include dog tags in honor of her dad on one ankle, a red heart on her stomach, an angel on her left shoulder, the phrase “what goes around comes around” on her arm, a bar code on her neck, the Japanese symbols for happiness, strength, good luck and motherhood on the other ankle, a dragon on her thigh and the word “insecurities” inked next to a razor blade on her left wrist. That’s not all of them, but you get the idea. The girl likes her ink.

2 Adam Levine

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Maroon 5’s frontman Adam Levine is possibly the hottest tattooed man on the planet. It’s unknown just how many tattoos Levine has, but his body is practically covered with ink. He’s got a full sleeve on his left arm and many more on various parts of his body. Whatever black magic he used to make so much ink look sexy instead of creepy or excessive should be bottled and studied, because Levine is a masterpiece.

1 Steve-O

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Comedian Steve-O, of “Jackass” fame, has dozens of tattoos. While many stars might admit to one or two bad decisions when it comes to their body art, Steve-O intentionally chooses stupid tattoos. He’s got a giant tattoo of his own face on his back, the words “your name” on his backside and a naked man behind prison bars on his arm with the words “Prison Love” next to it. These tattoos might horrify the average person, but Steve-O says he never gets a tattoo unless he knows it will make someone smile. Now that’s dedication to your craft. Or it’s insanity.

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