Top 5 Most Shocking Celebrity Lies Ever Told

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Celebrities seem to lie almost as much as politicians. They lie about their age, height, backgrounds and surgeries. Rarely do celebs fess up about who they are dating until after they’ve been with someone for a while or their relationships fall apart. Most of these lies aren’t a big deal, but when the lies involve drugs, affairs and assaults that never happened, it’s a bit harder for the public to forgive and forget.

5 Tiger Woods: A Real-Life Player

When Tiger Woods was first accused of cheating, he denied it. When voicemails were released proving his guilt, he denied any wrongdoing. Perhaps if he had just admitted to having an affair, his girlfriends wouldn’t have all felt the need to come out of the woodwork and destroy him. Tiger lost endorsements, his marriage and his reputation as a role model. The man who once rejuvenated the public’s interest in golf became the man who got attacked at his home with a golf club. Maybe if he’d kept his club in his pants, he’d still be the golden boy of golf.

4 James Frey, Credible Source? Freyd Not

James Frey hit the jackpot as an author when Oprah Winfrey endorsed his inspirational memoir. Maybe she was pushing for him to succeed because her last name is Win-Frey, or maybe she really thought he was a hero. Whatever her reasons, the talk show star held up Frey as a role model for kids hooked on drugs. His book took off. Turns out, much of the memoir was “altered,” which in non-PR speak means fake.

3 Milli Vanilli and the Epic Lip Sync Fail

Let’s face it, lip syncing is hard. It takes bravery to get up on stage and pretend to sing, especially when the songs you are pretending to sing were never yours in the first place. That’s what the German duo Milli Vanilli did to promote their first album. The good-looking former models and dancers won a Grammy for Best New Artist despite not singing the tracks on the album that earned them the award. After a lip syncing error made people start to question if the two were really singing, it was discovered that they were just window dressing. On November 19, 1990, the duo made pop music history by having their Grammy revoked.

2 Lance Armstrong’s Fall From Grace

Lance Armstrong used to be an athletic hero with a story that could inspire the world. A cancer survivor who not only beat one of the deadliest diseases but went on to kick butt year after year in the Tour de France. When he started dating singer Sheryl Crow, his star got even brighter. And then everything came crashing down. Allegations of doping popped up and Armstrong allegedly lied repeatedly by denying that he used performance-enhancing drugs. He later went on to admit that he was indeed cheating when he garnered seven Tour de France victories.

1 Preeti Jain: Number One Liar

Starlet Preeti Jain made some shocking claims in 2004. The Bollywood actress accused director Madhur Bhandarkar of raping her on more than one occasion. She also said that he promised her film roles and told her that he would marry her. Preeti’s despicable allegations proved false in court. We can forgive actresses who fudge their weight or shave a few years off their age, but falsely accusing someone of rape is about as low as you can get.

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