Top 5 Most Ridiculous Quotes from “Real Housewives”

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Since arriving on the scene in 2006, the “Real Housewives” franchise has been a ratings bonanza for Bravo and a cultural phenomenon for the rest of us. Starting in Orange County, the series has expanded into Beverly Hills, New Jersey and Atlanta, among other popular locales…all the while introducing us to one crazy housewife after another, many of whom have a language of their own. To prove just how over-the-top some of these women are, we’ve compiled a list of the most ridiculous statements ever made on the show.

5 Phaedra Parks (Atlanta) – On Dead People

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Attorney Phaedra Parks prides herself on being a sophisticated Southern lady. However, “sophisticated” may not be the best word to describe Parks, especially considering some of the things that come out of her mouth. Since joining the Atlanta cast of the “Real Housewives” in 2010, Parks has been a goldmine of catchy euphemisms and nuggets of wisdom. However, her affinity for the dead takes things to a whole new level. For instance, she once said, “I like everything about the dead…cause they’re so quiet. I mean, think about it, how quiet it would be to be in a room with no one that is alive.” Yep, that Parks is a strange one.

4 Bethenny Frankel (New York City) – On Stupidity

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If you’re like us, you miss Bethenny Frankel, one of the original New York housewives. Although she was one of the single gals on the show, that didn’t make her any less enjoyable to watch. With a quick wit and naturally funny persona, you could count on a good time whenever Frankel was on the screen. The budding chef and Skinnygirl mogul was also brutally honest. For example, when talking to fellow housewife Alex McCord about the beautiful yet absent-minded Kelly Bensimon, she said, “Did you [referring to Bensimon] go to Columbia the country? I just wanna make sure, cause there’s no effin’ way that broad went to college at all.” Ah, you can’t teach that kind of wit.

3 Alex McCord (New York City) – On Thugs

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Let us not forget high society wife Alex McCord, who was a member of the “Real Housewives of New York City” for several seasons. When describing fellow castmate LuAnn DeLesseps, who never misses an opportunity to remind people she’s a “countess,” McCord didn’t pull any punches: “She’s a thug in a cocktail dress.” Say what?

2 Tamra Barney (Orange County) – On Vicki

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Orange County housewife Tamra Barney has never been one to hold her tongue, often putting the “brutal” in “brutally honest.” She displays that, um, vigor, when talking about on-again-off again-gal pal Vicki Gunvalson. She once described how tricky navigating her friendship with Gunvalson can be. “Getting Vicki’s approval on anything is definitely like dealing with Joan Crawford. Keep the wire hangers away from her.” (After watching a few episodes of the OC “Housewives,” we understand Barney’s caution.)

1 Nene Leakes (Atlanta) – On Body Image

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Perhaps the most loved housewife of all is Nene Leakes from the Atlanta cast of the “Real Housewives” franchise. The reality star turned actress is known for speaking her mind and telling it like it is. No matter how you feel about her, one thing’s for sure: This popular housewife is not letting the cameras or fame distort her notions of beauty or body image. In the words of the fabulous Leakes, “I’m a size 10. I could be a size 8 if i wanted to, but I’m effin’ hungry.” Gotta love that perspective!

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