Top 5 Most Popular Games on Facebook

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If your Facebook timeline is anything like most people’s, then actual status updates—anecdotes of a friend’s day, pictures of cute babies and animals—are rare. A quick scroll through your Facebook timeline probably reveals more about your friends’ preferred Facebook games than what they’re actually doing from day to day. Certain games just manage to suck us in—sometimes for months at a time.

5 Dragon City

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If the medieval era is your thing, you might like to join 5.5 million Facebook users in Dragon City, where they are cross-breeding, hatching, raising, training, and fighting dragons in virtual worlds that can be expanded to include other Facebook users’ dragons. The most dedicated of Mama’s basement dwellers can take advantage of online forums and wikis to make the most of their dragon-breeding adventures.

4 Criminal Case

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Lovers of CSI and the classic game Clue rejoice, because Criminal Case is for you. Join over 6 million other players in aiding the police force of Grimsborough in figuring out “whodunit.” Solve the crime and you’ll earn points, coins, cash, and stars. In your own life, you may not be able to figure out why your dryer eats your socks, or who took the last piece of leftover pizza, but you can gloat to fellow game players about figuring out that it was Colonel Mustard, after all.

3 Pet Rescue Saga

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Are you starting to notice a trend? The Saga games dominate Facebook, because they appeal to all age groups. These games are simple, but they get harder the longer you play. You can satisfy your sweet tooth with Candy Crush Saga, harvest fruits and veggies with Farm Heroes Saga, and then save some pets with Pet Rescue Saga. This multi-level puzzle-solving game mimics its sister games, Candy Crush and Farm Heroes, only adorable and ultra-cuddly cats and dogs are offered up for rescuing in exchange for matching up two or more blocks of the same color, and filling up a bar on the side of the screen that, when full, can be used to achieve a quick-win in later levels.

2 Farm Heroes Saga

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The city slicker sleekness of Candy Crush meets country bumpkins in Farm Heroes Saga. Farm Heroes Saga requires you to mix and match fruits and vegetables in return for growth meter fill-ups, stars, and animals. It’s certainly riding the coattails of Candy Crush Saga’s success—it’s sort of the same game, but sort of different. After all, the fruits and vegetables have faces. Yet another seemingly simple puzzle-solving game has captured the attention and free time of more than 8 million people each day.

1 Candy Crush Saga Images

Surprise! Candy Crush and its seemingly simple yet complex 300+ levels frustrate an estimated 15 million players daily. Candy Crush Saga is surprisingly simple yet complex, offering puzzles with specific goals that are inhibited by a limited number of moves, time constraints, move-blocking pieces, and more. Who knew that swapping candies, lining them up, clearing jelly or bringing fruits to the bottom of the board was so addictive? Most of us can nod our heads in agreement at Candy Crush’s allure, as a quick glance at our own friends’ list will no doubt show many updates lamenting over a tricky level or a sprinkle ball lost to a chocolate.

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