Weird Romances: Most Mismatched Celebrity Couples

While not every couple looks good together, these top ten mismatched celebrity couples will definitely make you raise an eyebrow. When it comes to these couples, you might wonder how in the world these stars ever got together.

In romance, celebrities bring on the weird by the bucketful. It’s only logical that when you’re worshiped by millions and earn more money than you can possibly spend, you’re going to step off the edge of normal once in a while. While there are a lot of strange and unexpected pairings, some of the oddest pairings in history just can’t be beaten on the weirdness charts by today’s Romeos and Juliets.

Here Are the Top 10 Mismatched Celebrity Couples

10.) Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett

Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett

Country Fancast

Julia Roberts is America’s pretty woman. While she’s not a sex kitten, there isn’t much about the woman that doesn’t appeal to men. The fact that Roberts could have almost any man she desires is what makes her relationship with country crooner Lyle Lovett beyond strange, making this pairing appropriate for the list of mismatched celebrity couples.

Dubbed by the media as “beauty and the beast,” Lovett and Roberts defied all logic by seeming to be completely enthralled with each other. After a whirlwind three-week romance, she married Lovett. Unfortunately, their bliss lasted only a couple of years. They divorced in 1995 after 21 months of marriage.