Top 5 Most Inspirational Things I’ve Learned as Host of Man School

“Last year I thought I had lost my love for podcasting. Turns out, I just needed to produce a show that was about a passion of mine. Thus, Man School with Caleb Bacon was born. It is a weekly show where I interview men about their defining life moments and see how those experiences can benefit anyone listening. And while men from around the world are finding inspiration from Man School, I can’t help but feel like I’m the one receiving the most help. Good thing too – I need it!”

5 Self-reflection is Essential

“Time Magazine columnist Joel Stein has pissed off a lot of people. He told me on the show that this was often accidental. So, afterwards, he’d have to some times ask himself what was going on. Was he really a bad person? Was he a little careless with his writing? Or was it just an accident?

I don’t strive for perfection in my life but I do strive for progress. So when I screw up I make sure to take some extra time to figure out what that was all about and how I can do better next time.”

4 There’s So Much That I Don’t Know (Like: You Can Adopt a Kid for Free.)

“Actor Willie Garson is a guy you’ve seen a million times. From ‘Sex and The City’ to ‘White Collar’… he’s everywhere. In addition to being a great actor, Willie’s a great guy. As a single 40-something guy he wanted to adopt a child but he didn’t do ‘the actor thing’ (spending thousands and thousands of dollars going to a foreign country.) He adopted his son Nathen through the Los Angeles County system and there was no charge.

I had no idea that adoption could be free. What an amazing thing! I’m constantly reminded that there’s so much that I don’t know. Such reminders are healthy for my ego and helps keep me humble.”

3 Don’t Let Fear Kill Your Dream

“Chris Stretch is a former minor league baseball player who quit on baseball because of fear. He was a catcher who just couldn’t throw the ball back to the pitcher anymore. They call that the “yips.”

I’m a TV writer on the TBS sitcom ‘Sullivan and Son’. Showbiz can be scary and so can trying to climb the TV writing ladder. And my dream is to keep climbing that ladder. Thanks to Chris’ experience I’m more focused than ever on getting out of my head and into hard work.”

2 Depression Doesn’t Care if You Have Fame or Fortune

“My head always wants to tell me that I just need some more money to be happy… or a better job… etc. And sometimes those thoughts keep rattling around and just drag me down. Paul Gilmartin explained to me that those things my head was telling me were all wrong. He had the same thoughts but also was hosting a popular TV show and making great money. He’s proof that those thoughts don’t have to be the truth. They can just be the voice of depression.”

1 Be Honest and Vulnerable

“I’ve experienced a lot of positive growth just from being honest with what’s going on in my life with other guys. It’s broken down a lot of walls and put me in such a better place than I was in a few years ago (drunk, depressed, and surrounded by the wrong people.) I’m most inspired by how honest and vulnerable my guests are with me on Man School. It’s how I want to be and they help me do that by example.

Roy Wood Jr. got in trouble for credit card fraud when he was in college. Though his story has a very happy ending, what struck me most about the interview was his honesty.”

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