These Were The Most Fuel Efficient Cars in 2009

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There are many variables when testing a car for safety. Structural integrity, rollover safety, severity of damage from front and rear impacts, even things such as crash avoidance and dependability all are considered in a crash test and safety ratings. Using the data from the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS), we have assembled a list of the Top 5 Safest Cars of 2008.
Whether you want an all out gas powered vehicle, or you are looking for a hybrid, we have you covered. Our list of the Top 5 Most Fuel Efficient Cars of 2009 shall be your guide to the purchase of a gas sipping automobile. If you’re looking for high MPGs in your future, read on!

5 Yaris (29 city 36 highway)

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The 2009 Yaris is a pretty standard car, yet it’s cheaper than any of the options listed above. Sitting inside of a Yaris is anything but exciting,with its plain and cheap feeling interior, butyou have to remember, you aren’t paying top dollar for this car either. You are buying it because you are looking for a commuter or family car thatgets good MPGs for a low, low price. In doing so you are also getting a car that handles fairly poorly, but still provides some comfort for the basic driver thanks to its decent suspension and low road noise. You aren’t going to be whipping in and out of traffic in this thing or taking to the track, but you shouldn’t be expectingthe Yaris to do anything more than its designed for anyways.

4 Mini Cooper (28 city 37 highway)

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MINIs have taken the world by storm, and with good reason: they are roomier inside than you might think, have a unique look, are crazy fun to drive, are solidly engineered, and get great gas mileage. The BMW owned MINI Cooper can comfortably fit two adults up front and two friends, who don’t mind being crammed up, into the back. Still, if you put the backseats down there is plenty of cargo space. The MINI Cooper seems a bit high on the price tag, but you are getting your dollar’s worth in this small car that can do it all. The MINI Cooper does best in regard to road noise on smooth pavement, but overall is a super comfortable, roller coaster of a ride.

3 Smart Fortwo (33 city 41highway)

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Love it or hate it, the smartFortwo’s computer-mouse look excels in MPGs. It’s a lot of fun to drive, and while it seems small, it’s actually quite comfortable… for the driver and passenger that is. The front and back of the car are essentially non-existent, and that takes some getting used to.The narrow cabin will cause you to bump elbows more often than not with your passenger depending on how long and tall you are. But this is a city cruising machine great for busy, narrow streets and urban environments with limited parking. We still think that for the price and the MPGs of the fortwo you can do absolutely better when choosing a car. So why buy a smart? It’s cute and it’swell designed (it’s a Daimler, so I guess you could say you are driving a Mercedes… sort of), but really it all comes down to a matter of preference. The Smart isn’t for everyone, but that’s easy to tell just by looking at it.

2 Honda Civic Hybrid (40 city 45 highway)

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The Civic is essentially your other choice for 2009 sedan hybrids. While the Civic feels a bit messy when it comes to handling, and the interior can feel cramped and awkward compared to the roomier Prius, the Civic still offers some nice comforts like optional leather and satellite radio. Standard aux jacks for your phone/mp3 player are also a plus. Still, the Civic model is a fan favorite and staple stand-by, so it’s good to see this car come in a hybrid edition.

1 Toyota Prius (48 city 45 highway)

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Still number one in fuel efficiency at the time, the 2009 Prius is the standard go-to hybrid for those looking to save on gas costs. The Prius still doesn’t feel very car-like though: the drivability isn’t the best and it has that unique Prius body design which you will either love or hate.There is still a surprising bit of a kick under the hood when cruising through the city, though highway driving feels a bit lackluster when it comes to power. The Prius is also pretty roomy for a gas saver, and all around has a pretty decent interior. The Prius continues to make new fans every day, and until some real competition comes around, the Prius shines in the market.

With gas prices ever increasing, it’s good to know MPGs in cars are rising. When shopping for your next car keep in mind this list and hopefully you’ll be pulling up at the pump less and saving some cash for the better things in life!

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