Top 5 Most Fit Celebrity Women

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Not only are some of the most famous women in the world beautiful and talented, but many also have physiques to die for—as if we need yet another reason to be jealous of them. However, don’t think all of these wonderful attributes came naturally. Just like we mere mortals, these women had to work for the bodies they have. In fact, the most fit celebrity women have their workout routines down to a science.

5 Cameron Diaz

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Cameron Diaz has always had a great body, but the Charlie’s Angels star kicked things up a notch when she entered her 40s. Now sporting a super lean physique, Diaz’s toned arms, legs and stomach are a testament to how committed she is to staying in shape and being healthy. Along with eating up to six small meals a day, Diaz exercises religiously with cardio, strength training and Pilates in her daily fitness routine. Although Diaz is no stranger to the gym, she can often be found outdoors surfing, snowboarding or hiking, proving her exercise regimen is anything but boring.

4 Jessica Biel

Another actress who is not afraid to sweat is Jessica Biel. Biel maintains her curvy yet strong physique with a healthy diet of clean, unprocessed foods and circuit training. She also believes getting enough sleep, staying away from alcohol and drinking plenty of water are necessary. Biel often exercises outdoors with workouts that consist of cardio, usually a half-mile jog followed by sprints, weight training and plyometrics. A fitness junkie, Biel is always pushing herself to the next level. For example, she recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

3 Halle Berry

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Halle Berry is one Hollywood actress whose beauty seems to defy both time and gravity. Despite being in her 40s, this longtime stunner has a body better than most 20-year-olds. Berry maintains her slim and toned physique with a combination of diet and exercise. When it comes to food, Berry consumes a large amount of lean proteins, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and, of course, lots and lots of water. Like the other celebrities on our list, Berry is no stranger to rigorous and demanding workouts. She exercises five times a week and combines strength training and core exercises with multiple cardio and circuit segments. Apparently, both good genes and discipline keep the gorgeous Berry tapped into the fountain of youth.

2 Madonna

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When it comes to fitness, no one does it quite like the one-of-a-kind Madonna. The Material Girl has been on the music scene for decades and her body seems to only improve with each one, putting plenty of 20-somethings to shame in the process. The 50-plus entertainer keeps her body in tip-top shape by working out five to six days a week for two hours at a time, even when she’s on tour. Her fitness routine consists of Pilates, yoga and strength training, although she’s always incorporating new and different activities, like biking, swimming, martial arts and horseback riding. Madonna’s decades-long commitment to fitness shows not only in her lean and toned physique, but also her physically demanding performances that leave us gasping for air—and we’re just watching.

1 Beyoncé

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Beautiful and talented Beyoncé, aka Sasha Fierce, aka Mrs. Carter, is the vocal and entertainment powerhouse who proves that fit doesn’t always mean skinny. With curves for days, Beyoncé’s body is a showcase of defined abs, toned arms and legs and a firm derriere. Even giving birth to her first child, Blue Ivy, didn’t stop the international songstress from maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet; however, her fitness routine may be tough for the average gal to follow. While Beyoncé credits working out in stilettos and 12-hour rehearsals for much of her body’s condition, she also follows a protein-rich diet and incorporates extensive cardio and circuit training into her daily routine.

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