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Top 5 Most Fit Celebrity Men

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Let’s face it, a movie is more fun when the male lead is eye candy. Nobody wants to see Superman with a double chin or Batman with a beer gut, not on or off screen. Celebrities who take the time to stay fit when filming movies or when on hiatus deserve a shout out. Even among the string of Hollywood hunks, a few bodies stand out either for their current hotness or their overall commitment to looking fine.

5 Henry Cavill: Abs of Steel and More

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Henry Cavill may have slimmed down a little after “Immortals,” but take one look at the hunky hero and you’ll see that today he’s definitely the Man of Steel. The new Superman is breaking hearts across the world both in the theaters and in interviews. Women just seem to swoon over him. His perfect physique and chiseled features probably have something to do with that.

4 Tom Cruise: Not Just a Couch Jumper

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Many actors pack on the muscle for movies, but only a few are true athletes. It takes a lot of stamina to scream and jump on a couch. Tom Cruise’s relationship may have tanked since that infamous Oprah moment, but his commitment to fitness has never faded. In 2012, audiences were treated to a flamboyant 50-year-old Tom Cruise with awesome abs in “Rock of Ages.” A year later, the “Mission Impossible” actor still looks in shape enough to keep doing his own stunts.

3 Matthew McConaughey: No Shirt, No Problem

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Hot celebs come and go, but Matthew McConaughey has long been a poster boy for fitness and generally considered the most shirtless person in Hollywood. McConaughey has often been spotted working out with Lance Armstrong. It takes an extra special athlete to keep up with a doper. McConaughey is almost never seen covered off, but he is caught running, cycling, and lifting weights often enough that you know it’s a lifestyle.

2 Hugh Jackman: Always Jacked

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Hugh Jackman has a big reason to stay in top form: the never-ending X-Men sequels and spin-offs. Whether sharing the screen with the rest of the mutant gang or lone wolfing it in “The Wolverine,” Jackman always looks ripped and ready to rip apart anything that gets in his way. He likely wishes he had Wolverine’s healing ability at the end of his grueling workouts. Sorry, Jackman, you get to experience muscle soreness just like the rest of us.

1 Channing Tatum: The Current Champion

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Channing Tatum is currently enjoying golden boy status in Hollywood. Last year, he was named “People Magazine’s” Sexiest Man Alive. Not many teenage strippers break out to have careers like the “Magic Mike” star. Now, Tatum has a hot wife, a new baby, a new movie with Jamie Foxx, and a hilarious, albeit amateurish, music video, “(I Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum.” He can do all that and still never miss a workout.

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