You Won’t Believe Our List of the Most Expensive Weddings Ever!

Unless a couple opts for the old-school courthouse approach, they’re likely to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get hitched. However, this amount is just a drop in the bucket for the world’s wealthiest people who often shell out millions for the perfect wedding day.

From billionaire businessmen and their families to the high-brow royals across the pond, the most expensive weddings of all time are nothing short of amazing, while at the same time ridiculously overpriced.

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55.) Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon: $135,000


At the time of their wedding, Mariah Carey was worth about USD $535 million; while Nick Cannon’s net worth was valued at USD $20 million. Unlike other millionaire celebrities, both of them held their wedding ceremony at a private estate in the Bahamas in 2008. The whole wedding ceremony only included their close friends and family to witness the entire wedding.

However, this marriage did not last long as Nick filed for divorce from Mariah after months of turmoil in their marriage of six years.