Top 5 Most Demanding Fitness Programs

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Move over, Zumba and Crunch. The most demanding fitness programs aren’t for the weak. They’re designed for those who can run a block or two and not feel winded. Before starting any intense workout program, talk to your doctor to make sure that your heart and lungs won’t explode when the exercise routines make them feel as if they will.

5 Insanity Workout

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The Insanity program is the self-proclaimed hardest workout released on DVD. The 60-day cardio-based program has you rotate through different max interval training routines where you do super-intense exercises for three minutes followed by 30-second rest breaks. The more strenuous exercises have little to no rest breaks. The program has a schedule of six workouts a week that vary between 30 and 60 minutes that only use your body weight as resistance.

4 300 Workout Images

The 300 workout was designed for the actors and stunt people in the movie “300,” where every cast member seemed to have the body of an Adonis. The workout is a program that lasts eight to 12 weeks and isn’t, according to WebMD, for those who are out of shape. The program simultaneous builds muscle, increases endurance and blasts fat in a way that will get you ready for your own Battle of Thermopylae. The original workout has you do endless pull-ups, 135-pound deadlifts, pushups, single-arm presses with a 36-pound kettle bell and other intense moves for up to two hours a day for five days a week.

3 PX90

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PX90 is a fitness program that promises a ripped body in 90 days, which means three months of pain. Each workout lasts 60 to 90 minutes and, the official PX90 site, recommends that you take a fitness test before starting the program to make sure that you can keep up. The PX90 routines focus on muscle confusion so your body doesn’t get used to doing a certain exercise. The program has you alternate between three shredding routines for 13 weeks.

2 Chipper CrossFit

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CrossFit is a workout program that mixes aerobics with gymnastics, traditional weight lifting and body-weight lifting. The Chipper variation of the fitness program blends different intense movements at a “high volume,” according to “Muscle & Fitness” magazine. Instead of doing a circuit of exercises that you repeat a few times during a routine, you only do the Chipper exercises once during a workout session. The exercises include burpees, walking lunges with a 45-pound plate, push presses with 40-pound dumbbells and 24-inch box jumps.

1 Military Special Ops

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Fitness training for the Navy SEALs, USMC (Marine Corps) and the Army Special Forces are each a little different, but equally brutal. According to Stew Smith, a former SEAL who writes for, each fitness program builds physical fitness and “mental toughness” with exercises that include muscle exhaustion and miles of running, swimming or rucking in horrid temperatures and sometimes lack of sleep.

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