Top 5 Most Dangerously Aggressive Animals

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Are humans really at the top of the food chain, or have the other animals decided to leave the species alone? The most dangerously aggressive animals on the plant aren’t always the largest or ugliest. The majority are seemingly docile unless they think that you’re provoking them or are messing with their babies.

5 Cape Buffalo

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Africa’s Cape buffalo are more than just water cows. They’re so aggressive that they’ve never been domesticated. According to the Epoch Times website, residents call the Cape buffalo the “black death” and the “widow maker. The buffalos, which can reach up to 2,000 pounds, kill about 200 humans a year, as they’re known to stalk and attack humans in their territory.

4 Wolverine

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When there’s a match between a wolverine and a bear, bet on the wolverine. Wolverines look like bears with small heads, but they’re the largest member of the weasel family that you can find throughout Europe, North America and Asia. Wolverines are mostly solitary animals that spend their days looking for food. While they enjoy the occasional berry, wolverines are meat-eaters that can take down animals like moose and caribou. What makes wolverines so ferocious is that they generally weigh about 40 pounds or less, but are so aggressive that even bears know to stay away from them. They have a pit bull-like jaw that can lock down on an enemy, as well as a special tooth that is rotated 90 degrees that acts like a hook to shred meat.

3 Mosquito

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While they’re more of an annoyance in North America, mosquitoes are savage beasts that won’t think twice about snacking on you. The problem with mosquitoes is that they carry parasites and spread diseases like malaria, yellow fever, the West Nile virus and dengue. The “Telegraph” reports that malaria from mosquitoes kills about 2 million people per year.

2 Hippopotamus

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While they look cute, fat and lazy, hippos are one of the most aggressive animals in the world. Bulls can weigh up to 8,000 pounds are equal opportunity haters that fight anything in their path. Female hippos are fiercely protective of their calves. When you see a hippo open its mouth while on a safari, it’s not yawning. Instead, it’s giving you a warning to go away. This large mammal successfully coexists with other fearsome predators like crocodiles for a single reason—the hippo will always win.

1 Elephant

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There are two main types of elephants: African elephants and Asian elephants. As the only surviving members of the Proboscidea order—mammoths and mastodons were once in it—it’s only natural for elephants act highly territorial. Weighing up to 16 tons, elephants kill about 600 people per year, according to a 2009 “Telegraph” article. Many of the deaths occur when elephants stomp through villages and destroy homes.

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