Top 5 Most Common Tax Filing Mistakes

By Will Conley September 12, 2018 View all posts (1)

The fear of that April 15 deadline looming over your head is what makes most people commit tax filing mistakes. But, since taxes are inevitable, let’s get down to the question at hand: What’s the best and easiest way to save money and reduce stress during tax season? Answer: Avoid some of the most common tax filing mistakes. Ace these five points, and your tax season will be relatively painless.

Here are the five most common tax filing mistakes:

5.) Not Including Your Social Security Number and Signature

tax filing mistake - Social Security Number

The IRS is adamant on this point: Always include your Social Security number in your tax return. That way they can positively identify you as a unique taxpayer. Also, if you have dependents and reference them in your tax return, make sure their Social Security numbers are present and correct.

Failing to include the right Social Security number for yourself or your dependents will hinder processing of your tax return. If you enter the wrong Social Security number, the IRS will reject all deductions and exemptions that you claim.

This will hold up any refunds that you are owed and can leave you subject to late fees if you owe the IRS money. You can avoid making this mistake by double-checking your Social Security number and those of claimed dependents before submitting your return. Verify every number by looking at Social Security cards.

Finally, don’t forget to sign your tax return. If you’re filing using the dead-tree method, physically sign the return. If you file electronically, get a personal identification number (PIN) and enter it. Fail to include either of these pieces of data, and your tax season could be extended for weeks.