Top 5 Most Badass Sci-Fi Movie Characters

Though badassery has many forms, science fiction movies may display the highest of them all. In them people are pitted against not just human opposition, but aliens, space, robots, computers and the inner reaches of the human mind. Sci-fi movies give us those characters that exceed human potential while, at the same time, still showing what’s possible. Plus the badasses look really cool doing it.

5 Wolverine

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Hard sci-fi fans can now join the Boba Fett fans in the teeth gnashing. Comic books may not be straight sci-fi, but in a list of movie badasses there has to be a spot for the adamantium-clawed Wolverine of the “X-Men” comic books and movies. He can heal super fast, take punishment from anyone, claw through anything, and he’s got some sweet sideburns.

4 Khan Noonien Singh

The epic man-cleavage of Ricardo Montalban notwithstanding, “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” is often cited as the best of the venerable sci-fi series. Khan came back from the dead and with Machiavellian precision sought to destroy his old foe, James T. Kirk. From dropping brain worms into people’s ears to wiping all the life off of a planet, Khan brought the evil and Hispanic-accented panache. Were it not for his two-dimensional thinking, he may have ended Kirk and The Enterprise. KHAN!

3 Sarah Conner

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Few things are more badass than the maternal instinct cranked up to 11. In the first “Terminator” movie, Sarah Conner was an innocent girl who didn’t know the coming apocalypse would rely on her son and that the machines wanted to kill her to stop him. But by the second movie she’d changed into a hard, mostly crazy, mama-bear par excellence. When the T-2000 tried to get to her, she simply one-arm pumped a shotgun and gave him the business end to the face.

2 Ellen Ripley

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Men and androids are torn asunder by the acid-drooling aliens who unceremoniously burst forth from chests like some sort of macabre, inverse pinata. Among them all Ripley stands strong and fights to the end in the “Alien” movies. She doesn’t need special guns or abilities, just a forklift mech suit that she can use to crush the mother alien. Even if they’re in the walls, it’s never “game over” if Ripley’s still around.

1 Darth Vader

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The Boba Fett fans are already gnashing their teeth at this pick. Sure he may have cool armor, but in the movies Boba Fett does nothing. It’s Vader’s plan that traps Han Solo in carbonite, and it’s Vader’s son who kills Fett on Tatooine. The real badass of “Star Wars” is Darth Vader, the dark lord of the Sith. Not only is he tall, garbed in black and sporting a shiny, scary helmet, but he can force-choke anyone who gets in his way. On top of all that, he was able to transform a whining, annoying teenager into one of the best villains of all time with the rumbling bass of James Earl Jones.

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