Top 5 Most-Appreciated Hollywood Moms

The most appreciated Hollywood moms not only have to perform their parenting duties well, but they also have to overcome the common perception that nannies and paid staff are the ones who raise their children. While balancing the demands of acting and parenthood are stressful, the most revered Hollywood moms often make it look easy.

5 Denise Richards

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Actress Denise Richards has certainly proven herself a committed parent: The single mom was already caring for her adopted daughter and two kids she had with actor Charlie Sheen when she agreed to take on Sheen’s twin boys with Brooke Mueller following their messy public feud and Mueller’s reported drug problems. Richards was even going to seek custody of the Sheen-Mueller twins in late July 2013.

4 Tori Spelling

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Similar to Garner, Tori Spelling supports the notion that a top Hollywood mom may accept a bit of a lower status on the celebrity food chain to focus on parenting the kids. The “Radar Online” article indicated that Spelling and husband Dean McDermott constantly post pics of outings with their four kids on social media. In their reality show “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood,” which debuted in 2007 and completed a seventh season in 2013, Spelling is routinely seen urging McDermott to give up hobby time for more family time.

3 Jennifer Garner

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Jennifer Garner has rapidly ascended the ranks of appreciated Hollywood moms due in part to her willingness to play second fiddle in the film business to her accomplished husband Ben Affleck. As noted in a May 2013 list of “Hollywood’s Best & Worst Moms And Dads” by Radar Online, one or both parents is typically seen out with their three kids—Violet, Seraphina and Samuel. While some Hollywood moms get dolled up to go out on the town with their kids in case the paparazzi happen by, Garner is often seen in very casual attire and little to no makeup.

2 Reese Witherspoon

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While she may not be up for the 2013 mom-of-the-year award thanks to a very public disorderly conduct arrest in May 2013, Reese Witherspoon is generally regarded as a doting mother. The star of such films as “Legally Blonde” is regularly seen shopping or walking around town with her children Deacon and Ava—a key sign of a committed Hollywood mom.

1 Angelina Jolie

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Though the amount of time she spends with her kids compared to her time in film production is uncertain, few Hollywood moms get more attention for their parenting role than A-lister Angelina Jolie. Jolie and Brad Pitt collectively coordinate the parenting duties and travel of the six children they have adopted or conceived together as of July 2013.

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