Top 5 Most Annoying Social Media Practices You Need to Stop Doing. Now!

OK folks, it was just a matter of time before those people who abuse the social web were put in their place. The time has come. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and others are all powerful platforms that can help you achieve your goals, connect with people across the globe, and ultimately, do great things. But, as always, there is a flip side.

There are some things we (myself included) have been guilty of and just have to stop if we want this whole social media thing to continue to enhance our lives. Here are five examples of annoyances we experience daily on the social web and have got to stop, like yesterday.

5 And the Most Obvious of All

A little self promotion is not the end of the world, we all do it sometimes but please, put a cap on it. If all your posts start with the word I, that might be a good indication that you are doing something very wrong.

4 Spreading Negativity

Holy cow, people. What about Twitter says “Please open me once a day to complain about how hard your life is because your local ice cream store doesn’t have your favorite flavor or about how popular you are resulting in an overflowing inbox”? Stop. Just stop.

3 Begging for Verification

If one more person asks me to like their page about farming equipment…no, not really, but this isn’t far from reality. Don’t ask for likes and don’t ask for retweets—just provide value and people will want to share your content. Asking for verification in the form of shares, likes and retweets is just sad and again, ineffective. Oh and by the way, when I say it is ineffective, I mean it. Me liking your “Wigs of America” page won’t get others to follow my lead because they will realize I did it as a favor and guess what? I will just hide your page’s feed tomorrow anyway. And now you’re back to square one.

2 “Stealing Content”

People get away with a whole lot more on the social web than in the real world. You see a great tweet and you think, “I will just Tweet that in my name, no one will know!” Don’t! Though you probably can’t get sued for this type of plagiarism, it is still wrong and in the long run, it is a bad strategy for you. If you see good content, then give credit where credit is due. Period.

1 Group Tagging/Messaging

If you have spent time on Facebook and/or Twitter, you surely know what I mean. You get a message that was sent to you and 480 other people (on Facebook, Twitter is a little more limiting) and now, every time someone replies, you get pinged. Please God, make it stop. Yes, I know I can leave the conversation, but really, should I be the one to have to do that? Do not group tag people, do not group message people. It is annoying and guess what? What is annoying is also ineffective.

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