Top 5 Most Annoying Parenting Terms

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Sure, parenting techniques have evolved over generations, but the basic principles are still the same: Raise happy, healthy children to be self-sufficient, respected members of society. Fortunately, every parenting skill has a fancy new technical term, so you’ll be able to wow your fellow parent-friends with your new lingo. These top five terms are some of the most annoying — and unnecessary — ones out there.

5 Co-Sleeping

When you were a child, maybe you hopped into bed with your parents if you had a bad dream. Seems simple enough, right? Your parents probably said something like, “Benny has been sleeping with us a lot lately,” during grown-up conversations. There’s a name for that now: It’s called co-sleeping. So, rather than saying that you snuggle with your child, you’re supposed to say that you have co-sleeping arrangements.

4 Ferberizing

Sounds like some kind of stucco treatment or law fertilizer, right? It’s not. Ferberizing — named after Dr. Richard Ferber — is the method of letting your child self-soothe. Rather than jumping up and coddling him as soon as he wakes up in the middle of the night, parents who “Ferberize” let their infant wait it out for a bit before heading in there to see what he needs. The belief is that if you’re there for every minute cry to rub his back, he’ll never learn to sleep without you there to make him feel better. If you practice Ferberizing though, you’ll leave him be. It’s basically the same thing as letting your child cry it out, but with a lavish new name.

3 Combo Diapering

Long gone are the days when you told your friends and family that you use a couple of different types of diapers. If you typically use cloth diapers at home and disposables when you’re out and about, you “combo diaper” your child. Why not just say you use both kinds? Apparently, it’s more politically correct to use the technical term — combo diapering.

2 Attachment Parenting

Attachment parenting is a method of parenting that is supposed to help create that special bond with your child. Proponents state that you should create a positive environment from conception — pregnancy and the birthing process should be pleasant and full of giggles, no matter how much pain you’re in when a human being is coming out of you. You should breast-feed from birth, always respond with sensitivity, not anger, and sleep in the same room with your baby so you are there for every beckoning call. One would think that these are basic principles of plain-old parenting, not some special new-age method. After all, doesn’t every parent want to be attached to the child?

1 Potty Learning

Advocates of “potty learning” feel that “training” is more of an adult-directed forceful way to get your little one to go on his own. You may offer small bribes to get him to use the toilet and give him a strict time frame to get the job done. The experience of potty learning is more child directed, rather than pressure from a parent. You watch for cues that your mini-me has to “go,” show him where the toilet is and let him decide. Potty learning also often involves nixing diapers and putting him in big-boy underwear instead. Ideally, he’d rather sit on the toilet than soil himself. Whether your child goes through “potty training” or “potty learning,” the end result is the same. Is there really a need for two different terms?

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