Top 10 Models Who Became Actresses

Historically, most times, it has been difficult for models who became actresses to really break into the movie industry. However, for all the stumbles on the road between the runway and the red carpet, some talented women found a way to pull it off in Hollywood through roles ranging from gritty and emotionally challenging to slapstick and silly.

Here are the top 10 models who became actresses:

10.) Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca romjin models who became actresses


She is best known for her movie role as Mystique in X-Men and her role in Ugly Betty.

However, before the break into Hollywood, Romjin graced the runways with the likes of supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford.

She also appeared on the covers of top fashion magazines like Elle, Marie Claire, GQ and Allure.