Top 5 Memorable Allen Iverson Moments

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Most of you probably think this happened a few years back, but former Philadelphia 76ers great Allen Iverson revealed that he will officially announce his retirement in the coming days. As an 11-time All-Star, four-time scoring champ and one-time MVP, Iverson hasn’t played in the NBA since 2010.

After leaving the league, Iverson briefly continued his career in Turkey, but hasn’t played pro ball since 2011 and has instead devoted himself to making an NBA comeback. And while it doesn’t look like “The Answer” will ever suit up for the association again, there’s no denying that at 6’0” (on a good day) and 170 lbs. (soaking wet), A.I. was pound-for-pound one of the most astounding players ever to hit the hardwood.

5 55 Playoff Points

In a 2003 playoff game against the New Orleans Hornets, Allen Iverson showed what it looks like when a man wins a game all by himself. On top of eight assists and four rebounds, Iverson put in a career playoff high to carry the Sixers to an eight-point victory. And if it’s possible to score 55 points economically, A.I. did just that, shooting nearly 66% from the field and tallying a single-game playoff total that has been matched only by Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan and Rick Barry.

4 Antonio Daniels

Over the course of his career Allen Iverson established an insane crossover that broke more than a few ankles. But to break two on one play, on the same guy? That’s just cruel. In a 2006 game against the Washington Wizards, A.I. absolutely schooled Antonio Daniels on his way to scoring his 40th point of the night. He crossed Daniels up twice, and knocked him over… twice. R.I.P. structural integrity of Antonio Daniels’ ankles.

3 The Press Conference

No, it’s not at number one. Every other article you see summing up Iverson’s career will have this moment at number one, but it is absolute sacrilege to put this ahead of all of the miraculous things he did on the court. It’s okay to put it at number three though, because it was pretty damn hilarious. In one of the most honest moments you will ever see on camera, Allen Iverson summed up how every naturally gifted athlete must feel about that thing they do between games to get better, what’s it called again? Oh yeah… PRACTICE!

2 50-Point Rookie

Coming off a stellar career at Georgetown, the Sixers made Iverson the number one pick of the ’96 Draft, and it didn’t take long for him to prove they made the right choice. As a rookie, Iverson strung together an unfathomable hot streak which peaked when he put up 50 points on the Cleveland Cavaliers; an impressive feat in and of itself. What makes it spectacular though is that around that 50-point game, he had four straight 40+ games. As a rookie. To this day, Allen Iverson is still the only man in NBA history to score 40+ in five straight games in his first year in the league.

1 NBA Finals Game 1

On paper, the 2001 NBA Finals look like a steamrolling. The Lakers bested the Sixers in five games, but the scrappy Sixers actually put up an admirable fight that started with an improbable victory in game 1. Allen Iverson dropped 30 in the first half, and finished with 48, but the defining moment came in overtime when he sealed a Sixers win with a crossover-step back jumper over Tyronn Lue. Iverson netted the shot, Lue wound up on the floor, and A.I. proceeded to step right over him and run back down the court. The man was a certified badass.

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