Top 5 Meals to Eat While Battling the Flu

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Feed a cold, starve a fever? Forget it! Starving is never the right answer. If you can keep it down when you feel sick, food has the power to help boost your immune system and gives you energy as you fend off a flu virus. When gastrointestinal problems seem to get in the way of your eating and recovery efforts, play it smart and consult a physician.

5 Juice It

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When you’re sick, nursing yourself back to good health means consuming nutrients and staying hydrated. If you don’t feel like cooking or chewing, try juicing. If you have a juicer, perfect. If not, use your blender. Juice or blend some Vitamin C-rich fruits, and if you like, a handful of dark leafy greens like spinach or kale to give the juice an extra boost. If you crave something more savory, juice a tomato with some leafy greens and basil. Throw in some crushed garlic and your favorite Italian herbs for an instant gazpacho-like treat.

4 Baked Garlic with Crackers

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Raw garlic is a proven flu-fighter that contains allion, allicin and phytonutrients, which have antiviral effects and boost the immune system, according to the magazine “Best Health.” Some naturopathic doctors recommend chewing on a clove every few hours, cutting the cloves into pieces and swallowing them like pills or mixing a crushed clove with honey. If you don’t like raw garlic, there no need to go through the pain when there are other desirable options that offer the same benefits. Roast some garlic, mash it up and mix it with your favorite cheese. Then spread the garlicy goodness onto a cracker and enjoy.

3 Sandwiches with Lean Protein

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A sandwich with lean protein, like turkey, is a good way to eat a meal without having to prep a full one. Plus, if sandwiches are a comfort food, eating one can trigger feel-good emotions that can help speed recovery. Make your sandwich with whole grain bread, slices of lean meat (like the leftover chicken in the fridge) and your favorite vegetable accompaniments.

2 Fruit Salad

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It’s important to stay hydrated when you have the flu. Pair your hot cups of green tea and clear sodas with a Vitamin C-rich fruit salad. Good fruits to add include strawberries, apples, papaya, bananas, grapes and oranges. Give your fruit salad a healthy boost by adding some yogurt to it. The live cultures in yogurts promote a happy tummy. If a wicked sore throat accompanies your flu, blend and freeze the fruit. The frozen fruit pops will bring you some relief.

1 Soup

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The top choice of moms and grandmas everywhere, soup with a clear broth is easy on the stomach and beneficial when you have the flu. The steam that rises from a hot bowl of soup can help relieve congestion, bringing you at least a bit of instant relief. According to WebMD, chicken soup has mild anti-inflammatory effects and can help improve the way that cilia, the tiny hair-like things in your nasal passages, protects you from viruses and bacteria.

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