Top 5 Items to Sell on Etsy

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Everybody wants extra money, and opening an Etsy store is one way to make some. Etsy stores sold 4,259,435 items for $101.8 million in April 2013. It’s known as a marketplace for handcrafted and vintage items, but craft supplies are also welcome, and the top 10 best-selling sites are typically supply stores. If you want to sell something more creative, though, five categories will get you a piece of the action.

5 Toys From the Attic

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Vintage is key when you dig out your toys from the attic. Think “Star Wars” figurines that the dog didn’t chew up, the Barbie that didn’t get a mohawk, the Legos you didn’t lose. Of course, if you’re crafty (and this helps if you’re selling on Etsy), doll clothes are a hit, and the ubiquitous sock monkey never goes out of style. Maybe you make miniatures. Toys sell to those pandering parents as well as to classic collectors. What are you waiting for? Get rummaging!

4 Let’s Play Dress Up

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What have you got in your closet? Fabulous ’50s? Mod minis? Plaid punk, or goth and grunge? If it’s vintage, people will buy it up. What’s trending among the hipsters seems to be mostly goth and grunge, but there’s a market for all of it. Whether you’re a baby boomer or a Gen Xer, make money on your memories by cleaning out your closet. If you’re a hip young millennial, sell your old baby clothes to cash in with both the baby and the clothing categories. Ka-ching, ka-ching!

3 Bring on the Bling

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Although there are no jewelry stores among Etsy’s top 10 handmade sites, all overall best-sellers are devoted to, or have, jewelry supplies. What’s more, the five top-selling jewelry sites on Etsy have over 100,000 sales combined. String some beads, twist some wire, cast some metal or hunt up some vintage pieces. Despite a drop in online jewelry sales, people still spend a healthy chunk on decking themselves out—probably for that date they got online.

2 Pander to Parents

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Two of the top 10 Etsy handmade sites pander to parents, who always spend money on their babies. And so do aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and godparents. So if you want to make money on Etsy, whip up something a proud parent will buy. You can sell clothes and coverlets, or get creative and hand-paint birth announcements, make mobiles or craft a cloth book. Just think baby, baby, baby.

1 Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button? Images

Buttons! If buttons are your thing, both fastening buttons and badge-type buttons do well on Etsy. Maybe you have a vintage collection of special sew-on buttons that you have no use for. Sell them on Etsy! Or you can hawk the kind that proclaim your sentiments. You know, the kind with pithy sayings and cutesy pix that top the list of Etsy bestsellers in the handmade category. However, if you sell off your “I Like Ike” or “All the way with JFK,” be sure the price is right.

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