Top 5 Items to Pack for Your Next Football Tailgate Event

As any true hardcore football fan can attest, almost as entertainment and fun as what goes on in the stadium between the whistles on a football Saturday is what goes on before the game ever begins during tailgating. This all American experience gives alumni a chance to catch up with one another before the big game, allows families and friends to spend time together in a unique way and gives strangers the opportunity to become fast friends.

To have an enviable tailgate hang out is the goal of many college football fans across the nation, perhaps you can relate. To help you out, we have put together a list of five items that are “must have” for any respectable tailgate set up.

Whether you are just starting out when it comes to tailgating or want to take your current gathering up a notch, you will find the five products listed below to be of interest.

1.) The Coolest Cooler Available: Cost $165

A great tailgating experience has to involve cool drinks and hot food. This cooler, by Coolest takes care of keeping your drinks cool, whether they be alcoholic or otherwise. However, this cooler does much, much more. Not only will your drinks stay super cool in this cooler, but it also allows you to blend your drinks and blast your music or the pregame show via a built-in blender and Bluetooth speaker. It also has a built-in bottle opener, comes complete with four plates, a knife and a corkscrew and has an LED light that comes on when you open the lid, so you can see the drinks clearly.

2.) An Awesome Grill: Cost $278.06

We already mentioned the importance of food and drinks when it comes to your tailgating experience. The cooler above will ensure you’re covered on the drink front. Now, you need an awesome grill to ensure your food offering is on par. Of course, the main characteristic of a great tailgating grill is something that provides ample cooking surface but is still portable enough to easily bring along to the game. This Coleman Road Trip Grill LX fits the bill. It is collapsible and easy to move, but it also has a pair of BTU burners with an aluminum griddle and grate.

3.) Shelter From Sun, Rain With a Canopy: Cost $199.00

Ideally, you will want to choose a pop-up, portable canopy that matches your team, like this one from Rivalry. This example shows a Georgia Bulldogs canopy, but Rivalry has additional versions representing numerous other teams. You need shelter like this for a good tailgating experience because it will ensure you stay dry if a sudden rain shower pops up or will keep the sun off of you when it’s nice outside. It also give your tailgate boundaries and allows you to “claim” some space for the day.

4.) Entertainment Galore: Corn Hole Boards: Cost $89.95-$144.95

Corn hole has become as synonymous with tailgating as great food and drinks. Baggo makes several versions of their boards. Choose one that matches your favorite team as a way to show not only your team pride but also provide a fun entertainment option for everyone who visits your tailgating spot.

5.) Plenty of Seating:

The final crucial element of any fabulous tailgate setup is adequate seating. After all, you tailgate for hours. You can’t expect everyone to be fine with standing for that length of time. It’s a good idea to have a few options when it comes to seating. Rivalry distributing makes versions of their sports chairs, representing several colleges. You can choose one of them for individuals seating or just go with chairs that match your college’s colors, which will be a cheaper choice. Another option is a folding sports bench, like this one from Trademark. This bench will seat several people without taking up too much room and it’s also portable.

Admittedly, a great tailgating experience goes beyond the products listed above. You also have to treat your walk up and invited guests with respect and be an enjoyable host. If at all possible, it’s also a great idea to have satellite and a TV available so you and others around can enjoy the televised games and pregame shows going on before your game begins. You might even prefer watching your own team from your tailgating setup as opposed to going into the stadium. With the products listed above and the many other methods you can utilize to create a fun, engaging environment, this is understandable.

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