I Don’t Want to Live On This Planet Anymore: The Best Internet Memes of All Time

When you need a quick laugh these days, nothing beats the compact chuckle of a simple internet meme. They’re teh greatest! LOL! But seriously, these jolly little macros make bad days bearable and good days better. We can’t get enough, or stop clicking on them—which is the foundation of our research for our top 5 internet memes! You’ll find some familiar favorites to indulge your comedic sweet tooth, like so many nutrition-less MMs. And trust us, we know what we’re doing, and all of these favorites frequent our Facebook feeds. This list has everything you need to mindlessly click and laugh your ass off for the next two hours (as if you had something better to do anyway.)

5 LOLCats

Come on, you didn’t think we could talk about the internet for more than five minutes with out mentioning cute and/or stupid cats! Originally on “I Can Has Cheezburger,” LOLCats have become a universe unto themselves. Not so much a macro as a series of user submitted photos coupled with accompanying captions, LOLCats encourages the most interaction of any meme here. Highlights range from silly cats riding invisible bikes to cute kittens lounging on laps. LOLCats is also a lot older than the other memes here, but encouraged the concept of picture-based memes. Its consistent popularity (and hilarity) can has our supportz.

4 Futurama Fry

OK, we have to admit a little bit of favoritism here, since Futurama is one the greatest shows of all time as far as we’re concerned. So we were ecstatic when its main character, Philip J. Fry, jumped out on his own in this hilarious meme! Now we all feel doubt from time to time, but Fry seems to voice our concerns on a regular basis: “Not sure if Fox News or the Onion.” The meme has picked up steam, and seems to have an unlimited amount of possibilities in future incarnations. And it even sprouted a parody Zoidberg meme. Like Zoidberg, though, that meme kind of stinks.

3 Bad Luck Brian

Image Credit: Knowmemes.com

Having a bad day? Having the worst day of your life? Rest assured, that your worst day is still better than Brian’s best day. Yes, Bad Luck Brian speaks to the sadist in all of us — odds are you’re already better looking than he is. But he must have cracked some mirrors with that ugly grimace. How else could you explain getting a DUI after eating rum raisin ice cream? Or getting the answering machine when he dials 911? Only Brian. The meme is still in its nescient phases, but shows no sign of slowing down with over 500 thousand followers on tumblr. So, please, show Brian a little love. (He already got friendzoned by God and his mother.)

2 Ermahgerd

Image Credit: Memegenerator.co

For that awkward phase in all of our lives we’d like to forget, Ermahgerd resonates with our brace-faced, poorly dressed younger selves. Poor Erma Gerd (LOL) is frozen in this phase of her life forever. But at least she can take solace in the fact that her lisp brings smiles to the faces of people all over the world! Unlike some strictly comedic memes, Ermahgerd has spoken up about important social issues: “STERP TERCHING MER VERGERNER… NER MERNS NER!” The language of the macro has become a cultural phenomenon of its own — now dogs, cats, and even dolphins are hoping on the Ermahgerd bandwagon.

1 Philosoraptor

The existential and the extinct combine in the brilliant Philosoraptor. Asking questions that have always puzzled us, pointing out flaws in accepted knowledge, and digging for answers like an archeologist, the raptor in question has something for everyone. Fanboys: “If Professor Xavier can control things with his mind, why can’t he control his legs?” Politicians: “If the opposite of pro is con, is the opposite of progress congress?” And the list goes on. Originally an offshoot of the Advice Dog, Philosoraptor has outgrown the parent cereal and taken on a life of its own. But, how is that possible…if dinosaurs are extinct?


With those five memes, you should be able to go the next month without having to show up school, work, or family functions. (You’re welcome.) These are the best silly pictures on the interwebs, and we’re sure you’ll agree. If, like Mckayla, you’re not impressed with this list, though, you might want to add whatever submissions you think deserve to be here. If you’re luck is better than Brian’s, you might just make it on the list. But before you go all ninja cat on us, let us add an honorable mention that came very close to making the top 5. It just couldn’t beat cats.

Honorary Mentions

One Does Not Simply — For all our LOTR fans reading this. OK, for everyone reading this.

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