Click Your Ass Off: Top 5 Internet Comedy Sites!

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How did people laugh before the internet? We honestly can’t remember, though there’s probably a Wikipedia article about it. Thanks to the fabulous interwebs, we can click and click and pee our pants with out having to think in between. Though it gets annoying to change our jeans so frequently, we wanted to make sure we did thorough and conclusive research on our top 5 Internet Comedy Sites! We’ll have old favorites and upstart gassers galore… everything you need to howl like a monkey and bark like a seal. So, click on, internauts, and be ready with a change of boxers!

5 9GAG

You know those black and white photos you’ve been seeing all over your Facebook feed? Well, if you ever wondered where they came from (but you don’t know how to read a URL, apparently) then you need look no further than 9GAG! (By the way, those “photos” are actually called “memes”… geez, you’re more inept than my mother!) And if you’re looking to do some terribly light reading with the click of a finger, then 9gag is your best bet. Relatively new to the game, 9GAG’s viewer contributions and interactions look to make it an internet player for sometime to come.

4 eBaum’s World

OK, OK… so it’s not a strictly comedy site. But it does collect everything strange and fascinating on the internet in a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not fashion, which coincides with uproarious laughter more often than not. I mean, where else were you going to find that wild pterodactyl porn video when the internet was still so infantile? It also helped define the internet as a forum for rebranding and redistributing other peoples ideas, which has often lead to copyright infringement issues. According to Eric Baumman (“eBaum,” incase you’re slow), he’s no longer affiliated with the site, which is now run by a different team. That may be detrimental, but we’ll see…

3 CollegeHumor

No, we’re not talking about Animal House or Revenge of the Nerds… We have trouble sitting down for a 90 seconds, much less 90 minutes! CollegeHumor seems incredibly adept at catering to such an ADD-riddled audience. Hey, let’s go ride bikes! Once you’re Adderal XR kicks in, maybe you can check out some of their humor articles which feature (guffaw!) words. Like Funny or Die, CollegeHumor made the leap to the big time, though the CollegeHumor Show only ran for a single season on MTV. The site also serves as the outlet for Busted Tees, which answers the question, “Where can I find a Honey Badger t-shirt?”

2 Funny or Die

Any website owned by Will Ferrell would already be in the running — but the debut video, “The Landlord,” made Funny or Die a must-click website between bong rips. Funny or Die also manages to remain fresh and interesting by being so interactive, allow viewers to choose which videos stay and which ones die (a necessity on the internet, truly). As such, professional grade material stands just as much chance of succeeding as something produced by your dormmates. The website has even made the big time, partnering with HBO in a hopefully fecund melding of the minds between the best that TV and the Internet both have to offer.

1 traces its origins to the print magazine Cracked (What’s a print magazine? Google it, you dick!), which started in 1958. But Cracked has outgrown its former status as Mad Magazine’s redheaded stepsister to become the most popular comedy site on the internet, drawing over a billion views in 2010. What’s the draw? Well, it’s surprisingly close to the original print medium — the featured articles (things like “6 Insane Stereotypes That Movies Can’t Seem To Get Over” and “7 Basic Things You Won’t Believe You’re All Doing Wrong”) are thoroughly researched, informative, hilarious, and addictively clickable. The website also runs the gamut, featuring photo editing contests, sketches and films, and reader contests. For satire and laughs, is your one-stop shop!

There you have it, geeks and goofs: our top 5 comedy websites. Every last one is worth a few chuckles and a good deal of clicks. And we definitely know our comedy — we were familiar with Steve Carell before The Office… and before Anchorman, you posers! But, like so many Ron Burgundies, every last one of you probably thinks you know everything. You probably think we left off an indispensable site that needs to be here. Well, stop keeping it to yourself, jerk! Share it on our discussion board below. If it makes us laugh (and we have enough changes of pants), we might find time put it on the list. But first, we’ll give you a couple more laugh sites to feed your funny fix.

Honorary Mentions — More videos and flash games for your humorous jones.

The Onion — Not funny after the headlines. But the headlines are hysterical.

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