Top 5 Interesting Facts About Disneyland

Keeping thousands of people a day entertained isn’t easy, and Disneyland uses some strange tactics to appease the masses. Use insider info the next time you visit to take advantage of all the perks. Make a game out of the hidden jokes that Mr. Disney left for attendants. You’ll never look at the Happiest Place on Earth the same way again.

5 There’s Something Special About the Employees

Everybody has to start somewhere. Steve Martin sold guidebooks at Disneyland when he was a kid, and then graduated to working in the magic shop. Actress Michelle Pfeiffer was Cinderella for the Electrical Parade. One employee perk is the soda; Coca-Cola supplies Disneyland for free to maximize advertising and prevent any competition. Employees also get to take advantage of the hidden gym within the Matterhorn mountain, including a basketball court.

4 Fans From Beyond the Grave

The Haunted Mansion is a celebratory view of life after death, but unfortunately it can attract the wrong kind of visitor. Every so often, a fan will attempt to deposit the cremated remains of a loved one at the mansion, and the ride is then shut down so a team wearing hazmat suits arrives to clean the dearly departed dust. Response teams can be fast, since more than a thousand of those cast members you see walking around at Disneyland and Disney World are actually members of security.

3 Secret Club for Grown-Ups

Club 33 at Disneyland secretly offers alcoholic beverages and a club atmosphere for adult members. But getting on the membership list isn’t easy. The wait is between three and six years. Joining the club can cost as much as $25,000, and annual dues can set you back $6,000 a year. To some adults in need of a strong drink after muscling through crowds and kids all day, that just might be worth it.

2 Secret Surprise for Birthday Girls and Boys

When you enter the park, if you tell your ticket taker that it is your birthday, you will be directed to City Hall, where you are given an honorary birthday sticker. This sticker entitles you to special interactions with characters all over the park, including being sung the birthday song! This is a nice, unadvertised bonus for visitors celebrating their birthdays at the park. You can even order a personalized princess or treasure chest birthday cake to be served at one of the Disney restaurants.

1 Mickey Is Everywhere

There is at least one hidden Mickey Mouse on every single ride in Disneyland. Walt Disney was a fan of nostalgia and inside jokes, and this can be seen throughout the park. Original Imaginarium employees’ names are written on some of the tombstones in the Haunted Mansion, for instance. And Walt Disney is always present, since the apartment that used to be his office always has the lights on in memory of his unstoppable work ethic.

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