Top 5 Hypnotic Facts About Hypnosis

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Some people see hypnosis as a fun trick at parties while others think of it as a therapeutic way to break bad habits or make lifestyle changes. The varying ways that hypnosis is presented has created some confusion. People who do embarrassing things during a hypnotist’s show love to say that it wasn’t their fault while people who didn’t go under claim it’s because they’re too smart. The truth about hypnosis is more interesting than the myths.

5 When in Greece …

Hypnosis has been around a lot longer than you think. It’s become a large part of popular culture in modern times, but there is evidence that ancient Greeks may have used hypnosis thousands of years ago. The people of ancient Egypt used it, as well. Maybe that’s why the people are always shown walking so ridiculously in the hieroglyphs.

4 You Don’t Need a Hypnotist

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need a trained hypnotist to reach a state of hypnosis. When dealing with important psychological issues, it’s probably better to work with a professional, but even hypnotherapists sometimes recommend self-hypnosis. With a little knowledge, you can do self-hypnosis, though it is more accurate to call it auto-suggestion. This essentially means you tap into your unconscious mind to affect your behavior. You don’t even need insurance!

3 Inhibitions Won’t Disappear

Whenever people do something out of character or humiliating when hypnotized, they blame the hypnotist. They protest that they would never have done something like that had not the nefarious hypnotist used mind control and forced them to do it. Hypnotists are not Jedis. They can’t make anyone do anything. They only get people relaxed enough to do things they might not in another state of mind. If you’d do something when you’re drunk, you’d probably do it under hypnosis.

2 The Smarter the Better

You’ve probably heard people say that they are too smart to be hypnotized. Some people believe that only unintelligent doormats are susceptible to hypnosis. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Let those people know that smart, strong-willed people actually make the best subjects. Having a vivid imagination is useful, too. Hypnosis isn’t about planting ideas into the brains of simple people. It’s a creative process.

1 It’s Not Effective for Everyone

Although no one can be forced under hypnosis, some people are more susceptible than others. If you go see a hypnotist perform and don’t become hypnotized, it’s probably because you didn’t want to be or because you can’t. People who are low on the suggestibility scale would probably be throwing their money away by seeking help from a hypnotherapist or by buying hypnotic audio recordings. If you want to stop smoking, your money would be better spent on nicotine patches than a quit-smoking hypnosis CD unless you are highly susceptible to hypnosis.

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