5 Hottest Women Who Are Also Absolute Geniuses

Among all too many people exists an all-too-common stereotype about women. It is the notion beauty and brains seldom collide. And while we’re not saying there is a dangerous shortage of stunning women who can barely complete double-digit multiplication problems, there are also plenty of women who can blow you away with both their looks and their intellect. Basically, these five women should totally intimidate you: they are hot enough to leave you tongue-tied and smart enough to make your brain hurt once you finally start talking to them.

5 Cindy Crawford

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Despite her timeless beauty, we’re putting Cindy Crawford in the #5 spot because she is a college dropout. But she dropped out to pursue a career that made her rich and famous and empowered her to do whatever she wanted with her life, so maybe that was a pretty smart move after all? Crawford was her high school class’s valedictorian, graduating with a perfect 4.0 GPA.

4 Christy Turlington

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You know her as that amazingly beautiful brunette from the sexy Calvin Klein ads. To her professors, though, Christy Turlington is that amazing beautiful brunette who graduated cum laude from New York University with a BA in religious studies and eastern philosophy in 1994, and who is now working on a master’s degree in Public Health from the prestigious Columbia University in New York.

3 Natalie Portman

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Natalie Portman is pretty enough to where she could have waltzed through life on her looks alone. But she is also a highly talented, versatile actor who has taken on myriad challenging roles, garnering well-deserved awards and accolades. And she also won numerous academic awards while completing her degree at Harvard. What did she study? Oh, just neuroscience, stuff like that.

2 Danica McKellar

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Back when she played a character named Winnie Cooper on the hit 90s show The Wonder Years Danica McKellar was the #1 crush of just about every pubescent boy in America. Then she grew up and went from being a cute little girl to being a stunning grown woman. And also she’s a mathematical genius. McKellar graduated summa cum laude from UCLA and has theorems bearing her name based off the work she did there. She has also published plural books about mathematics, one of which was a New York Times bestseller.

1 Hedy Lamarr

Image credit Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr made up for her rather crummy name by being beautiful and brilliant. In fact, Ms. Lamarr was often referred to as “The most beautiful face in Hollywood” during the so-called Golden Age of the cinema (the later years of the first half of the 20th century, if you were wondering). She starred in dozens of films, and on the side she helped devise, invent and patent a method of radio wave transmission that would aid in the guidance of radio-guided torpedoes. Her “frequency hopping” concept is still the basis for many modern technologies, likely even at use in that fancy mobile phone of yours.

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