Top 5 Highest Grossing Steven Spielberg Films

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Every red-blooded American loves a good movie, especially a blockbuster. When it comes to Steven Spielberg, arguably one of the greatest directors of all time, dominating the box office is virtually guaranteed when he’s behind the camera. Not only has Spielberg directed excellent movies, a large portion of them have broken box office records. Out of the 100 highest-grossing movies of all time, eight of them were directed by Spielberg, including five of his highest money makers.

5 Raiders of the Lost Ark: $248,159,971

Kicking off the list at No. 5 is “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” an Indiana Jones adventure classic. “Raiders” hit movie theaters June 12, 1981, catapulting up-and-coming actor Harrison Ford to superstardom. With Steven Spielberg’s active imagination and creative direction and Ford’s charismatic onscreen presence, the successful Indiana Jones franchise was born. The first film in the series grossed $8,305,823 its opening weekend and $248,159,971 overall. And, as expected, “Raiders” was not just a top grosser for Spielberg, it is also the 70th highest grossing film of all time.

4 Jaws: $260,000,000

Steven Spielberg’s fourth highest grossing film is none other than the horror classic “Jaws.” Released June 20, 1975, “Jaws” scared beach goers everywhere, perhaps because the villain was a creature that existed in real life — a shark. Arguably, “Jaws” is the movie that put Spielberg on the map. It showcased the young director’s ability to build tension and suspense, all while maintaining a sense of realism throughout the film. This was especially amazing when you consider audiences didn’t see the full man-eating monster until the final minutes of the film. “Jaws” earned $7,061,513 during its opening weekend and $260 million total. It is the 56th highest grossing film of all time.

3 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: $317,101,119

What’s not to like about Indiana Jones? With Harrison Ford at the helm as Indiana and Shia LaBeouf serving as his rebellious sidekick, it’s a non-stop adventure ride from beginning to end. Although the fourth film in the series — “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” — is not a favorite of many die-hard Indiana Jones fans, Spielberg still struck movie gold. Opening May 22, 2008, “Crystal Skull” grossed a massive $100,137,835 its first weekend and $317,101,119 overall. Like Spielberg’s other top films, “Crystal Skull” is also an all-time standout as the 29th top grossing film of all time.

2 Jurassic Park: $402,453,882

Coming in at No. 2 is “Jurassic Park.” It was one of the first movies to feature CGI technology, introducing moviegoers to realistic bigger-than-life dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Opening June 11, 1993, Spielberg’s action-packed thrill ride delighted audiences to the tune of $47 million that weekend, eventually earning more than $402 million in overall ticket sales. In addition to being Spielberg’s second highest grossing film, “Jurassic Park” also ranks as the 16th highest grossing film ever.

1 E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial: $435,110,554

It should come as no surprise that “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial” is Steven Spielberg’s highest grossing film of all time. Hitting movie theaters June 11, 1982, this endearing tale of friendship between a boy and alien he helps return home grossed a total of just over $435 million at the box office, with $11,835,389 of that amount just in the film’s opening weekend alone. This movie classic is not only Spielberg’s highest grossing film, but also the sixth highest grossing film of all time.

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