Top 5 Highest Baseball Scores

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Nearly everyone remembers some exciting moment in baseball history, from when Jackie Robinson broke the race barrier in 1947, to more modern moments, such as when the Mets played their first game after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Hundreds of thousands of baseball games have been played throughout history, yet very few games have seen scores exceed 25. Of the top-scoring games since 1900, these are the ones that tallied up the highest scores.

5 Cleveland Indians vs. Boston Red Sox

On July 7, 1923, the Cleveland Indians scored 27 times against the Boston Red Sox, who only managed to get in three runs of their own. The Indians set a record in the American League for scoring during every inning. The team brought in an impressive 13 runs in the sixth inning.

4 St. Louis Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Phillies

After losing to the Philadelphia Phillies during the first game of a doubleheader on July 6, 1929, the St. Louis Cardinals more than made up for their 10-6 loss by scoring 28 runs in the second game. The Phillies only scored six times. The game had an incredible start, with the Cardinals scoring 10 times in the first inning alone. They scored another 10 runs in the fifth inning.

3 Chicago White Sox vs. Kansas City Athletics

On April 23, 1955, the Chicago White Sox crushed the Kansas City Athletics at an afternoon game played at Municipal Stadium. Kansas City scored in every inning except the fifth and the ninth, giving them a total of 29 runs. Chicago scored only six runs.

2 Boston Red Sox vs. St. Louis Browns

The Boston Red Sox scored an impressive 29 runs on June 8, 1950, handily beating the St. Louis Browns, who only scored four runs. This became the most lopsided game in MLB history up to that point. The Red Sox set additional records that day, including the most extra bases on long hits (32) and the most extra bases on long hits during back-to-back games (51).

1 Texas Rangers vs. Baltimore Orioles

The Texas Rangers became the highest-scoring team in the last 100 years of Major League Baseball (MLB) history when, on Aug. 22, 2007, they scored 30 runs in a single game. The team that allowed the record-breaking number of runs was the Baltimore Orioles, scoring only three runs that Wednesday night. The game was one of the most exciting comebacks in MLB history. The Orioles were up 3-0 when the Rangers fired back with five runs in the fourth inning. The team had already won at that point, though they didn’t know it. The Rangers scored nine runs in the sixth inning and 10 runs in the eighth inning. They brought in six more runs in the last inning to hit 30.

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